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Scratch Week 2023 was the third Scratch Week, which began on May the 8th and ended on May the 12th .[1] Like the other Scratch Weeks, each day was represented by a studio on the Featured Studios section of the Front Page.[2]


Day 1 (Monday, May 8th)

Thumbnail for the day 1 studio.

Journey Around the World: Have you ever dreamt of traveling the globe, discovering new places, and experiencing diverse cultures? Want to join in on the traveling journey with Scratchers around the globe? Perhaps you want to welcome Scratch Cat and friends in visiting your own local part of the world? Then this is the place for you! Pack your virtual bags and join in, as Scratch Cat takes a journey around the world.

Day 2 (Tuesday, May 9th)

Thumbnail for the day 2 studio.

Paper Crafts: There are endless possibilities that a simple piece of paper can offer. Let’s share projects about folding, cutting, and shaping real or digital paper into whatever we can imagine!

Day 3 (Wednesday, May 10th)

Thumbnail for the day 3 studio.

Opposites: Hot and cold, night and day, big and small…opposites are everywhere! Join us in exploring all the exciting twists and turns that opposites might inspire. The choice of what to make is up (or down!) to you!

Day 4 (Thursday, May 11th)

Thumbnail for the day 4 studio.

Pet Cafe: Do you adore the company of fluffy (or slimy or scaly!) friends while sipping on a warm cup of cocoa or nibbling on a tasty treat? If so, then this is the place for you! From virtual pet or cafe simulators to cozy vibes and yummy sips and snacks, there are so many ways to explore this idea, and the choice of what to make is up to you.

Day 5 (Friday, May 12th)

Thumbnail for the day 5 studio.

Birthday Carnival: For Scratch’s birthday this year, Scratch Cat is hosting a carnival-themed event and you’re invited. Let’s celebrate Scratch’s birthday in style by creating projects featuring colorful decorations, fun games, delicious treats, and whatever else you can imagine!


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