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"Browse" feature for studios.

On July 6, 2021, there was an update to Scratch studios. The most obvious change was the 3.0 design. The update caused lots of controversy for many Scratchers.[1][2]


  • The old, Scratch 2.0-era design was replaced with a new design that more closely matches the rest of the Scratch 3.0 website.
  • The number of managers that can be in each studio has been reduced to 40. Studios with more than 40 managers can't add more until they have less than 40 managers.
  • Managers can no longer edit studio titles, thumbnails, or descriptions (only the owner can).
  • Users with the New Scratcher status can no longer make studios.
  • Once a thread on a studio comment reaches 25 replies, no one will be able to reply anymore to the thread.
  • Users are no longer logged out when their account is logged in from another device.
  • Managers can no longer invite curators from a list of their followers
  • Comments no longer register as studio activity, however, users still receive studio messages if a comment is made

Subsequent Changes

Since the changes had to be fast-tracked, not all intended features were included in the original launch of the updated studios and were added at a later time.

Changing Hosts

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On September 14, 2021, the ability to change the host of a studio was added.[3]


When the new update came out, many Scratchers were disappointed. Scratchers claimed people with autism and/or ADHD would find studios difficult to use due to the new studio appearance.[4][5] Many Scratchers were also against the new studio system, including the manager limit and the reply limit for threads[6][7]. Some also complained that it was harder to invite their followers.[8]

The Scratch Team said that since studios were getting too unsustainable for the website, they were not going to switch back most of the new updates.[9] However, they later explained that the studio update was part of a larger bundle of moderation-related changes, which were meant to be pushed out at the same time; but that the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to fast-track the studio update before the rest of the changes were ready.[10]

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