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Scratch Tours are groups of projects from the Scratch Team to help New Scratchers learn Scratch. The Scratch Tours can still be viewed here, however this was a feature from Scratch 1.4, so it will not appear on the front page.


I've been amazed by the incredible diversity of projects that people have imagined, programmed, and shared with Scratch. In this tour, I'll show you 10 of my favorite Scratch projects, to give you a sense of what's possible with Scratch.

– mres

Scratch makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, games, animations, music and art - and share your creations online. From single frames to navigable worlds, this is a collection of my favorite stories told with Scratch.

– karenb

I've found my new favorite way to browse Scratch projects. It's by the remix tree. If you haven't seen the remix tree, you can get to it by clicking "remixes" on the webpage of any project that has been downloaded, changed, and reuploaded. By browsing the remix tree, I can see how ideas grow and change when they mix between different people.

– jay


The following is a list of projects in each category.

Exploring the World of Scratch

  • Mixing Media
  • Creating, Playing, and Remixing
  • Working Together
  • Sharing Sprites
  • Scratch Tutorials
  • Is it a Simulation? Or is it Real?
  • Scratch Goes to School
  • Scratching Around the World
  • Community Experiments
  • Building New Worlds
  • Going Further

Telling Stories with Scratch

  • Speedra and Kristen
  • Thursdays on a train
  • Worst day ever
  • Day dream
  • Mimi
  • Bee game
  • How to draw
  • Night at Dreary Castle

Remix Tree Story -- Visual Effects

  • The Original Project
  • Explosively Remixable
  • Fully Automated
  • Original Resemblance Gone
  • A Small Change
  • Idea Explosion
  • Related but on a Different Tree
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