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This is the Scratch Terms Glossary; it lists many words related to anything to do with Scratch, from the website to the program. Below is the alphabetized list.






  • Default Value — The default value of an insert in a block
  • Direction — Where a sprite is pointing
  • Duplicate — to copy and create another


  • Educators — An archived forum, that was used by educators to discuss the teaching of Scratch
  • _eggplant_ — The string for a popular icon discovered in 2015 with the icon Eggplant emoji.png and removed in February 2018.
  • Execute — A term referring to a script or block being run (i.e. to run or "execute" a script)
  • Extension, Scratch Extension — An object or program that can be used in conjunction with Scratch


  • FAQ — Could refer to:
  • Featured — Could refer to:
  • Flag — Could refer to:
  • Flash Player — The new online player
  • Forever — A function in Scratch that repeats a set of code forever, done by the Forever block
  • Forum — Could refer to:
    • Advanced Topics — See under A
    • All About Scratch — See under A
    • Announcements — See under A
    • Archived Forums — See under A
    • Collaboration — See under C
    • FAQ — See under F
    • Language Forums — See under L
    • Miscellaneous — See under M
    • New Scratch Members — See under N
    • Project Ideas — See under P
    • Requests — See under R
    • Scratch Forums — See under S
    • Sensor Boards — See under S
    • Show and Tell — See under S
    • Suggestions — See under S
    • Text-based Games Forum — See under T
    • Troubleshooting — See under T
  • Front Page — The main page of the Scratch website, scratch.mit.edu.


  • Gallery — The old name for a studio
  • Game Project — A project that is designed to be an amusement or pastime, and has a specific purpose to achieve
  • Gobo — A popular Scratch mascot
  • Green Flag — Sometimes simply called the 'flag,' this is what starts most projects' scripts running


  • Hat Block — A block that starts any script
  • Hide — A feature in Scratch which completely hides a sprite from the screen



  • Kaj — An inactive user who, after getting upset about not receiving enough views on his/her projects, threatened to hack some Scratchers' accounts and thus was banned


  • Language Forums — A group of forums where Scratchers can discuss Scratch in other languages and the translation of the Scratch interface and website
  • List — Called an 'array' in most programming languages, this holds lots of strings
  • List Block — A block which controls a list
  • Locking Downloads — An idea that some Scratchers want to be implemented, which disallows a project from being downloaded
  • Looks Block — A block which controls how a sprite or the stage looks like


  • Meme — A project that is intended to be adapted when it is passed from person to person
  • _meow_ — The string for a popular icon discovered in 2011 with the icon Meow.png
  • Mesh — A way of connecting two or more Scratch projects with each other over a LAN (Local Area Network)
  • Messages and Notifications — Messages a user gets
  • MIDI — Stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, it allows notes to be played within Scratch using some of the sound blocks
  • Miscellaneous — A forum where Scratchers can discuss subjects that have little or no relevance to Scratch
  • Motion Block — A block which controls a sprite's movement
  • Motor Block — A block which controls a motor from a LEGO Education WeDo Robotics Kit
  • My Stuff Page — A Scratcher's profile page


  • New Scratcher — A rank used on the Scratch forums for relatively new spammers and relatively new, inactive Scratchers. Users who do not spam and are active on the Scratch website become regular Scratchers.
  • New Scratchers — A forum for helping users new to the website, as well as for new users asking for help
  • Newest Projects — A section on the front page which lists the most recently uploaded projects
  • Notifications — See Messages and Notifications
  • Number Blocks — What the Operators Blocks section was called in versions of Scratch prior to 1.4




  • Report Button, the — A tool in the Scratch Forums used for bringing a post to a moderator's attention
  • Reporter Block — A block which reports a value, determined by the content of the block
  • Remix — A project created by downloading, modifying, and re-uploading another project
  • Requests — A forum for requesting scripts, sprites, etc. for use in projects
  • Run Without Screen Refresh — the ability of custom blocks to run large scripts quickly due to the video output not being displayed each block


Due to the large number of terms beginning with 'S' this section has been split into two different sections: terms beginning with the word "Scratch" and others.

S — Scratch

  • Scratch — A drag and drop programming language made by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT
  • Scratch Board — See PicoBoard
  • Scratch Cat — Scratch's mascot and default sprite. See Gobo.
  • ScratchEd — A website for educators using Scratch; not to be confused with "Scratched" (below)
  • Scratched — A project that is an attempted replica of another game, etc. e.g. "Pac-man Scratched"; not to be confused with "ScratchEd" (above)
  • Scratcher — Somebody who programs with Scratch and/or uses the Scratch website
  • Scratch Extension — See Extension
  • Scratch FAQ — A list of Frequently Asked Questions about Scratch
  • Scratch Forums — The main forums on the Scratch Website
  • Scratching, to Scratch — A verb meaning 'to program with Scratch'
  • Scratch Mentors — A group of Scratchers made to help other Scratchers, give feedback to the Scratch Team, and work on site-wide projects
  • Scratch Olympics — A competition where Scratchers from different countries compete to make the best projects
  • Scratch On! — A phrase coined by the Scratch Team, and used by themselves and some moderators (although has been adapted by other Scratchers as well), meaning "keep using Scratch"
  • ScratchR — The platform that the website is built on, created by andresmh
  • Scratch Suggestions — A site for suggesting ideas to be implemented in Scratch 2.0 or the website
  • Scratch Team — The team that developed and still work on Scratch and the Scratch Website
  • Scratch Time — The name given to the timezone (-05 EST) that is used in the display of dates in the Scratch Forums
  • Scratch Versions — the versions that Scratch has had
    • Scratch 1.0 — the first version of Scratch
    • Scratch 1.1 — the version of Scratch after 1.0 that was released just a few days later
    • Scratch 1.2 — the version of Scratch after 1.1
    • Scratch 1.3 — the version of Scratch after 1.2 and before 1.4
    • Scratch 1.4 — the version of Scratch before Scratch 2.0 and the oldest version still downloadable
    • Scratch 2.0 — The previous version of Scratch
    • Scratch 3.0 — the current version of Scratch
  • Scratch War — A 'war' between lots of studio-based RPGs
  • Scratch Wiki — A wiki for the Scratch Program and everything associated with it

S — Other

  • Scroller — A project that uses scrolling
  • Scrolling (sprites) — The action of sliding sprites across the Stage
  • Sensing Block — A block that detects something, from a sound from a microphone to whether a sprite is touching a certain color
  • Sensor Board — See PicoBoard
  • Show and Tell — A forum for telling other people about your projects
  • Sig — Shortened version of "signature"
  • Siggy — Shortened version of "signature"
  • Signature — A block of text and/or images created by the user, that appears below their forum post
  • Simulation — A kind of project which attempts to recreate or model a real-life circumstance, such as a simulation of balls bouncing
  • Snap! — A programming language which imitates Scratch but allows users to make their own reporters and provides first class lists and procedures
  • Sound Block — A block which controls either a MIDI Instrument or sound
  • Sound Editor — Scratch's built in sound creator and modifier
  • Sprite — An object in Scratch which performs functions controlled by scripts
  • Squeak — The environment in which Scratch runs and is programmed in
  • Stack Block — A block that performs actions within Scratch
  • Stage — The background of a project, performs functions through scripting
  • Sticky — A forum thread that is "stuck" at the top of its forum
  • String — A series of keyboard characters, which can be help in reporter blocks, variables or lists
  • Studio — A place where users can place multiple projects into an accessible group
  • Suggestions — A forum for making suggestions about the Scratch program or website See Also: Scratch Suggestions
  • Support — A term used to justify on the forums that one agrees with another's suggestion




  • Waffles — A popular nonsense tag for projects
  • Wiki, the — Often what the Scratch Wiki is referred to as
  • Workaround — Usually referring to a block, this is another way of doing a certain function


  • X Position — The position that a sprite or the mouse is at along the horizontal axis


  • Y Position — The position that a sprite or the mouse is at along the vertical axis
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