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The Scratch Team (often abbreviated ST) is the group of people who work on Scratch that develop the Scratch program and moderate the Scratch website.

Joining the Scratch Team

Main article: How can I be a Scratch Team member?

To join the Scratch Team, you must be hired, as it is a paying job. In order to join the Scratch Team, you have to be at least 18 years old, commute to MIT Media Lab located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (for some jobs), and be skilled at the part you want to work at (programming, moderating, etc.). A current list of Scratch Job openings can be found here.


There are many members of the Scratch Team, including the following:[1]

A photo of the Scratch Team


The following people have made contributions to the Scratch Library:[1]

  • Natalie Rosalinda Hall
  • Wren McDonald
  • Leigh McG
  • Andrew Rae
  • Daria Skrybchenko
  • Robert Hunter
  • Alex Eben Meyer
  • Ding Ding Hu
  • Owen Davey

Previous Members

These are people who were previously part of the Scratch Team, but have retired and/or moved onto other projects.

  • John Maloney (johnm) (who led software development for the first decade of Scratch)
  • Andrés Monroy-Hernández (andresmh) (who led the development of the first Scratch community website).

Scratch Researchers

Research on Scratch is being conducted by members of the Scratch Team and researchers at other universities, including:

  • Yasmin Kafai (who collaborated on the initial NSF Scratch grant) at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
  • Karen Brennan (who leads the ScratchEd project) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Benjamin Mako Hill at the University of Washington
  • Andrés Monroy Hernández at Microsoft Research
  • Mimi Ito and Crystle Martin at the University of California
  • Irvine
  • Quinn Burke at College of Charleston
  • Deborah Fields at Utah State University
  • Kylie Peppler at Indiana University

Other Acknowledgements

  • Susan Abend
  • Robbie Berg
  • Lauren Bessen
  • Keith Braadfladt (keithbraafladt)
  • Katie Broida
  • Susan Carillo
  • Will Denton
  • Nathan Dinsmore (nXIII)
  • Catherine Feldman
  • Rachel Fenichel
  • Jodi Finch
  • Ioana Fineberg
  • Corey Frang
  • JT Galla
  • Rachel Garber
  • Cassy Gibbs
  • Z Goddard
  • Brian Harvey
  • Roland Hebert
  • Tracy Ho
  • Benjamin Howe
  • Kapaya Katongo
  • Evan Karatzas
  • Christine Kim
  • Joren Lauwers (JSO)
  • Mike Lee
  • Jeff Lieberman
  • Mark Loughridge
  • Kelly Liu
  • Anthony Lu
  • Danny Lutz
  • David Malan Wayne Marshall
  • John McIntosh
  • Paul Medlock-Walton (paulmedwal)
  • Dongfang (Tian) Mi (taranir)
  • Ximena Miranda
  • Jens Moenig (Jens)
  • Evan Moore
  • Geetha Narayanan
  • Kate Nazemi
  • Liddy Nevile
  • Wing Ngan
  • Derek O'Connell
  • Tim Radvan
  • Karen Randall
  • Ian Reynolds (fullmoon)
  • Miriam Ruiz
  • Boaz Sender
  • Chinua Shaw (Chinuaearl)
  • Ed Shems
  • Cynthia Solomon
  • Marie Staver
  • Daniel Strimpel
  • Kilmer Sweazy
  • John Henry Thompson
  • Ubong Ukoh
  • Vladimir Vuksan
  • Han Xu

Identifying Members

An asterisk next to a Scratch Team Member's name.

Members of the Scratch Team on the Scratch Website can be identified by the asterisk (*) next to their username.[4] Also, under the ST member's username will be the words "Scratch Team." In the Scratch Forums, the words "Scratch Team" appear underneath the profile picture of what the member posted. Some retired Scratch Team members do not have an asterisk next to their username.

Contacting the Scratch Team

One can contact the Scratch Team through the Contact Us form found at the bottom of every page. The Contact Us link is for more private or serious concerns, which should not be posted publicly. For less serious concerns, or for other reasons of contacting them, one can use a Scratch Team member's profile page.


The jobs page in the footer lists jobs currently available for those wanting to work on the Scratch Team. These are paid jobs, so applicants must be at least 18 (or work at or be a student at MIT) and have the authorization to work in the US. The jobs available change over time, as new job openings come and go. The page for finding available jobs can be found here.

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