Scratch Plugins are simple extensions created for Scratch to supply extra code, usually sending data via Mesh. The easiest way to make one is with a Scratch Modification, such as Snap.

How to Code

In this example, BYOB will be used. Use this in BYOB:

when I receive [ascii for letter v]
set [ascii v] to (ascii for ([letter v] sensor value))
broadcast [ready v]

Save that as plugin.ypr. Now use this in Scratch:

when gf clicked
ask [Letter:] and wait
set [letter v] to (answer)
broadcast [ascii for letter v] and wait
when I receive [ready v]
set [ASCII v] to ([ascii v] sensor value)

Save that as Now, connect BYOB and Scratch using Mesh and start Enter a letter. The variable (ASCII) will contain the ASCII code.

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