There are many things Scratchers consider good Scratch Etiquette in the Scratch Community and Scratch Website. Some of these rules are not strict or official in any way, and often opinions differ from person to person. Some are from the Community Guidelines. However, there are some general rules Scratchers should follow. Etiquette is "the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group."

Main Site

  • Do not spam — this rule is general and important, and applies to the entire site.
    • Do not comment links to projects (no matter whose they are) for mere advertisement; it is rude to the owner of the project.
  • Do not post anything designed to cause an argument (Flame).
  • When remixing or taking inspiration from another user's creation, always give credit.
  • Do not bully or be mean to other Scratchers.
  • Do not create alternate accounts to evade Bans.

Discussion Forums

Main article: Discussion Forums
  • Do not necropost.
  • Do not create "fake" signatures by creating a long underline and typing text.
  • Do not post off-topic or force-fit topics.
  • Wait for a few days before a bump. It's best to bump after at least 24 hours have passed from the last post and it's no longer on the first page. Don't bump a post that's no longer relevant, it's considered necroposting.
  • Do not use names of other users in a negative way, for example, "Username did this thing to me and then did that thing to me". This is known as "naming and shaming" or "calling out". If a user is acting inappropriately (in any way that violates the Community Guidelines), report them.
  • Don't ask questions, advertise, or ask for suggestions in the stickies or announcements.

Scratch Wiki

Main article: Scratch Wiki
  • Do not edit anyone else's user page.
  • Do not modify others' messages on a talk page.
  • Give a brief summary of the edit in the edit summary box.
  • Label minor edits as such by clicking the "minor edit" checkbox.
  • Sign posts made on talk pages
  • If any kind of edits that require testing are being made, use the "show preview" button rather than making many consecutive edits. This is especially important - other users who refer to Special:RecentChanges may find it annoying.
  • When indenting text for the 7th time on talk pages (with :), use the template {{outdent}}. If you would like to create custom length outdents, add a pipe (|) and then a number.

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