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Scratch Camps are online camps on Scratch hosted by Scratch Team Members. There is usually a Scratch Camp every July.[citation needed] The last camp was Story Swap. Here is a list of previous camps:

Collab Camp

Main article: Collab Camp

On August 13, 2011, there was a meetup at the MIT Media Lab for Scratchers participating in the 2011 Collab Camp, which had the theme of Interactive Stories.

Join us at the MIT Media Lab for a Collab Camp Meetup. At this free meetup, open to all Scratchers and parents participating in the Collab Camp, you can:
  • Meet and connect with other Collab Campers
  • Share your collab's latest Camp project and get feedback
  • Work together on new ideas for your project

– Scratch Team, [1]

The theme for the 2012 Collab Camp was Music Mashups, announced on February 8, 2012. The collab groups had to share their initial drafts by March 11, and the final version March 31.

Creative Characters Camp

Main article: Creative Characters Camp

Creative Characters Camp was an official event on the Scratch Website, and the third collaboration event on Scratch, after Collab Challenge and Collab Camp. The goal was for Scratchers to create sprites for other Scratchers to use in their projects. The objective of the camp was to get Scratchers to collaborate and create reusable sprites for others. The camp ran from July 7, 2014 through July 28, 2014. On July 13, 2015, a sequel to this camp was launched, named the Mix and Match Camp.

Participants created at least three sprites with at least three costumes each. Each sprite also included at least a single script. Participants could work on their own, or in a collaboration.

Once the project with sprites is created, it was added to the Camp Cabin studio. From there, other users provided feedback for improving each entry.

During the final stage of the competition, participants pasted a link to their project in the Final Projects studio and one of the camp counselors added it.

After the event, the Scratch Team opened up a Scratch Design Studio and asked the community to create projects using sprites from the Creative Characters projects.

The camp included four counselors who assisted users. They are:

  • -PRO-
  • CrazyNimbus
  • lauraisawsome
  • venomous-squirrel

Scratch Mentors and members of the Scratch Team also helped with the camp.

Mix and Match Camp

Main article: Mix and Match Camp

Mix and Match Camp (abbreviated MaMC) was a sequel to 2014's Creative Characters Camp, which was held by scmb1. Mix and Match Camp hosts included the Scratch Team members Ceebee, Haddadi, Paddle2See and Speakvisually.

The main objective of this camp was to make sprites for the Scratch Community, then use sprites by other Scratchers in a project. During the first week of camp, Scratchers made the sprites, which included a key and a scientist. Participants also needed to create a backdrop that depicted a festival, though they did not have to make all three. In the second week, camp participants had to choose sprites and backdrops by other Scratchers to create a new project of any type using them. Participants also had to incorporate a special phrase, which was "Sorry, I thought you were someone else."

This camp had six counselors who helped users, added projects to studios, and answered questions. They were:

  • CrazyNimbus
  • getbent
  • 4LeafClovR
  • -VexVorlo-
  • st19_galla
  • fmtfmtfmt2

Scratch to the Future Camp

Main article: Scratch to the Future Camp

Scratch to the Future Camp was the fifth Official Scratch Camp held on the Scratch Website through the month of July, 2016. The camp is a sequel to the Mix and Match Camp, hosted by Scratch Team member scmb1, ceebee, and Pinkfoot123. On July 13, 2016, Host Pinkfoot123 shared a teaser project for the Scratch Camp. This project was remixed by other Hosts scmb1 and ceebee. Camp Counselors had also been asked to remix the project to spread the word.

The theme of this camp was similar to last years Mix and Match Camp. Projects were made with art by the Community and then remixed by others. However this time, it had a futuristic twist to it. The camp consisted of three parts, each building off one another.

The camp included 16 Counselors to help respond to comments, add projects to the studio, and help users with any questions. They were:

  • coke11
  • SquiggleStudios
  • pianogirl84
  • rainbow_waves
  • -frappelove-
  • st19_galla
  • technoboy10*
  • bubble103
  • Abstract-
  • CrazyNimbus
  • Pepestan_Gaming
  • carmenchu
  • jacko1234567
  • -Coralreef-
  • Ageren
  • samanthaflorence

Scratch Camp: Down Deep

Main article: Scratch Camp: Down Deep

On July 19, 2017, Scratch Camp: Down Deep was teased through this project. It suggests that its theme is ocean and summer. On July 24th, 2017, the official theme for Scratch Camp "Down Deep" was released, and studio admissions were opened. Participants were asked to create their very own ocean sprites for part 1. In the second part of the camp, participants needed to make their sprites interactive. Part 3 involved combining many creations into one amazing project. Scratch Camp: Down Deep this year was hosted by Scratch Team members ScratchCat*, ceebee*, dietbacon*, and scmb1*, and Scratcher st19_galla.[citation needed]

The camp included 17 Counselors to help respond to comments, add projects to the studio, and help users with any questions. They were:

  • ScratchCat*
  • ceebee*
  • dietbacon*
  • st19_galla
  • scmb1*
  • bubble103
  • Hope4Tommorrow
  • whimsical
  • bigpuppy
  • pianogirl84
  • Tangerinatorta
  • makethebrainhappy
  • LyricalGalaxy
  • PegasusHT
  • CrazyNimbus
  • forever-
  • rainbow_waves