Scratch Camp: Down Deep was the sixth official Scratch Camp held on the Scratch Website through the months of July and August 2017. The camp was a sequel to the Scratch to the Future Camp, and was hosted by Scratch Team members scmb1, ceebee, dietbacon, and ScratchCat. The camp was also managed by Scratcher st19_galla, who set up and organized many vital aspects of the studio.

The main theme of the camp was ocean and aquatic life. The camp challenged the user to create their own sea creature character.

Teaser Projects

On July 19, 2017, Host ScratchCat released a teaser project for the Scratch Camp.[1] The project displays the Scratch Cat driving down a road to the Scratch Camp. Next is a scene where the Scratch Scene is surfing and asking others to remix the project. The last scene shows the Scratch Cat swimming on the ocean floor. This project was remixed by other hosts scmb1 and ceebee. Camp Counselors had also been asked to remix the project to spread the word, although anyone could remix and add their own character. The remixes by the camp counselors were added to their studio.[2]

Camp Objectives

The camp was looking for creativity by users creating their characters, and collaborative efforts near the end as users combined sprites that they made with sprites that other people made to create new, awesome projects.

Camp Counselors

The icon for the camp counselors studio.

The camp included 17 Counselors to help respond to comments, add projects to the studio, and help with any questions that users had. They were:

  • ScratchCat*
  • ceebee*
  • dietbacon*
  • st19_galla
  • scmb1*
  • bubble103
  • Hope4Tommorrow
  • whimsical
  • bigpuppy
  • pianogirl84
  • Tangerinatorta
  • makethebrainhappy
  • LyricalGalaxy
  • PegasusHT
  • CrazyNimbus
  • forever-
  • rainbow_waves

In order of studio acceptance[3]

"*" denotes a Scratch Team member.

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