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Certain URLs on the Scratch Website could work as headers, or in other words, send a request to the servers when visited or get specified data. This is a documentation that lists some of these URLs. Some (not all) of these URLs have to be modified before a specified request can be sent. When opening these URLs, replace the parts that are surrounded in brackets and are in written in capitals, e.g. '(USERNAME)', if there is any. Some of these URLs could only be accessed when one is logged in, as they returns personal data which is invisible to other users. Some APIs may not be documented here; this may be intended, for some APIs are more dangerous than the others when abused. Some of these URLs require different request methods; you browser uses GET when you load a page.

Some of these could be workarounds for some suggestions,[1] or solve problems when computer programs are used to harvest mass data.[2] Others are good for satisfying curious Scratchers.[3] The Scratch Team disallows programs that requests APIs massively (e.g. a program that adds hundreds of random projects per second to a studio), because they slow the servers down.[4][5]

Front Page

  • What's Happening? — Returns the specified number of the activities of the Scratchers' you're following.



Note Note: These require the PUT method, therefore they cannot be used by clicking this link.


Sending Data

Note Note: These require the PUT method, therefore they cannot be used by clicking this link.


  • Message Count — Returns the amount of unread messages.
  • Your Backpack — Returns the items your backpack contains. The username must be your username and you must be logged in.
  • Scratch Statistics — Returns basic statistics about Scratch.
  • Scratch Blog — Returns posts from the Scratch Blog.

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