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This lists all blocks found in ScratchJr[1], along with their main Scratch equivelants.

In the ScratchJr program, all blocks use images to describe themselves, so all blocks will be named by their name on the ScratchJr website.

Triggering Blocks

This category is equivelant to Events Blocks. They are colored yellow.

Start on Green Flag

This block starts scripts when ScratchJr's Green Flag is clicked. It is equivelant to the when flag clicked block in Scratch.

Start on Click

This block starts scripts when the sprite it is in is clicked. This is equivelant to the When this sprite clicked block.

Start on Bump

This block starts scripts when another character touches the sprite the block is in. There is no direct equivelant in Scratch.

Start on Message

This is equivelant to the when I receive [ v] block, except that all messages are identified as colors instead of text.

Send Message

This is equivalent to the broadcast [ v] block.

Motion Blocks

These blocks are colored blue and are equivalent to the Scratch block category of the same name.

Move Right

This block moves sprites the amount of steps specified. Its Scratch equivalent is change x by () block, with the given amount in.

Move Left

This block is similar to the Move Right block, except it moves the sprite left. The Scratch equivalent is the same as the Move Right block, but the given value is negative.