This lists all blocks found in ScratchJr,[1] along with their main Scratch equivalents.

In the ScratchJr program, all blocks use images to describe themselves, so all blocks will be named by their name on the ScratchJr website.

Triggering Blocks

This category is equivalent to Events Blocks. They are colored yellow.

Start on Green Flag

Start on Green Flag
Category Triggering

This block starts scripts when ScratchJr's Green Flag is clicked. It is equivalent to the when flag clicked block in Scratch.

Start on Tap

Start on Tap
Category Triggering

This block starts scripts when the sprite it is in is tapped. This is equivalent to the when this sprite clicked block.

Start on Bump

Start on Bump
Category Triggering

This block starts scripts when another character touches the sprite the block is in. There is no direct equivalent in Scratch, but you can make a script like this:

when gf clicked
wait until <<touching (Sprite1 v)> or <touching (Sprite2 v)>>::operator// Put all the sprites here

Start on Message

Start on Message
Category Triggering

This is equivalent to the when I receive [ v] block, except that all messages are identified as colors instead of text.

Send Message

Send Message
Category Triggering

This is equivalent to the broadcast [ v] block. It is also the only block in the triggering category that is not a start block

Motion Blocks

These blocks are colored blue and are equivalent to Motion Blocks in Scratch, although they have more limited functionality.

Move Right

This block moves sprites the amount of steps specified. Its Scratch equivalent is change x by () block, with the given amount in.

Move Left

This block is similar to the Move Right block, except it moves the sprite left. The Scratch equivalent is the same as the Move Right block, but the given value is negative.

Move Up

This block moves a sprite up. It is equivalent to the change y by () block.

Move Down

This is the same as the move up block, but it moves the sprite down instead.

Turn Right

This rotates a sprite clockwise in the same way as turn cw () degrees.

Turn Left

This rotates a sprite counterclockwise in the same way as turn ccw () degrees.


This moves a sprite up as if it is jumping, then back down again.

Go Home

This returns a sprite to where it was located before the project started running.

Looks Blocks

This is equivalent to Looks Blocks in Scratch, but with less features.


This makes a speech bubble above the sprite. It is the same as say ().


This increases the sprite's size similarly to change size by ().


This decreases the sprite's size.

Reset Size

This resets the character's size to what it was before the project started running.


Fades the character out until it is invisible. Is similar to hide, but hides the character gradually.


Fades the character in until it is fully visible. It is similar to show, but shows the character gradually.

Sound Blocks

Unlike sounds in Scratch, sounds in ScratchJr can only be recorded from the device microphone apart from the pop sound, which is almost identical to the one in Scratch


This is equivalent to the play sound [pop v] until done block. but the only sound that can be played is "pop".

Play Recorded Sound

This plays a sound that is recorded on the microphone.

Control Blocks

This is similar to Control Blocks in Scratch.


Pauses for a number of seconds, like the wait () seconds block.


Stops other scripts, in the same way as stop [other scripts in sprite v].

Set Speed

Has a drop-down menu that changes how fast scripts run.


This is the only C Block in ScratchJr. It loops the blocks inside.

End Blocks

This category contains Cap Blocks.


This block marks the end of a script. However, adding it does not change how the script is run, and scripts will end even without this block.

Repeat Forever

Repeats the entire script forever. It is similar to forever, but blocks cannot be placed before the loop (although this can be simulated by using messages).

Go to Page

This block switches the project to the specified page.


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