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The 2017 European Scratch Conference, commonly referred to as Scratch2017BDX, was the third European Scratch conference. It was held July 18–21, 2017 in Bordeaux in the south of France.

The theme was "Opening, Inspiring, Connecting" and allowed people to enrich the Scratch community. More than 200 educators, researchers, developers and other members of the worldwide Scratch community were expected to celebrate and share the creative possibilities of Scratch. About half of these actively presented something.

The Conference's banner

Key Speakers

  • Mitch Resnick, MIT Media Lab
  • Natalie Rusk, MIT Media Lab
  • Zoe Philpott, Ada Ada Ada
  • Sam Aaron, Sonic Pi


A large part of the conference was participant's contributions. One could contribute in the conference by visiting the Conference's website by March 15 and selecting one of the formats below:

  • Discussions (30 minutes)
  • Workshops (1 hour)
  • Ignite Talks (5 minutes)
  • Lectures (10 – 20 minutes, or more, if the program allows)
  • Demos
  • Posters (2 hours)
  • Freestyle sessions

Special Events

  • The fifty-year existence of Logo and the ten-year existence of Scratch were celebrated.
  • Code of Expression, one of Mitch Resnick's stallions, was supported by performances by Zoe Philpott and Sam Aaron
  • The conference aimed to give African Scratchers a stage, for which an African Scratch educator meetup was organized in Nairobi (28-29 April 2017)
  • Collaborative partner INRIA (Flowers Team) has a special research area: the unlocking of robotics with Scratch and related languages; there was a large amount of robots.

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