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An SDS curator is a curator that curates the SDS. Story over.

How SDS Curators are picked

To join, you must be in the top twenty of the list, Users that Have Given the Most Energy Units. The ST picks those users to become the new SDS curators. If you get a comment on your project that gives the most energy units from a Scratch Team member inviting you to become a curator, you automatically become one. Very rarely are new curators selected, unless the list dramatically changes (it rarely does.)


The main thing SDS Curators do is add projects to the studio, which actually stands for Stupidly Dull Studio, containing all the projects that give the most energy units. It has aslo been heard that the SDS curators have been collecting a new form of energy units called the very scientific name "kumquats" to take over Jupiter along with the world.[1] The curators have to look around and add as many projects as they can, and keep up with the work. It is very tiring, and most curators end up resigning later on.

There is also the private forum thread, which is where curators discuss whether or not a project should be added, new dull studios that give even more energy units, other ways to give energy units, and work on there plans to take over Jupiter with the scratch team.


Many scratchers are upset that the Scratch Team, Scratch Mentors, SDS Curators and others are finding more and more ways to gain energy units, which are used to take over the world. One of there plans to stop this is ScratchX which hopes to X out Scratch. There are other plans people have tried to do, many of which failed.

First the Scratch Team, then the Mentors, and now the SDS Curators? Pretty soon there will be even more groups, and the world will be taken over in no time! Do people not care about this? Come on!

– Random Scratchers, founder of The DS Curator Company

Mr. Error, enemy of The DS Curator Company

Only time will tell what will happen soon.
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