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Jloffen's Block Testing

when gf clicked:: control // 1.0 styled script
wait (5) seconds
if <(user wants music?) = [true]> {
        play sound [song title v] until done
}:: control

when @greenFlag [clicked v]:: events hat // when green flag clicked
when (when @greenFlag clicked:: events) clicked:: events stack
when @greenFlag clicked {
    when @greenFlag clicked:: events stack
}:: events
when <@greenFlag:: events> clicked:: events
when ({when @greenFlag clicked:: events stack}@addInput:: events) clicked:: events stack
when @greenFlag clicked:: events cap

⚪ when [go v] shouted:: #9c00c3 hat // 0.2 styled script
repeat [4] {
    repeat [40] {
        forward [1]:: #63b5ce
        turn left [90]:: #63b5ce
    }:: #ff9431
}:: #ff9431
say [I like walking in squares!]:: #63b5ce
wait [3] secs:: #63b5ce
say []:: #63b5ce
stop all:: #63b5ce stack

Welcome to Burdock Root Island!

A burdock root.
A burdock root.
A burdock root.
A burdock root.
A burdock root.
A burdock root.
A burdock root.
A burdock root.
A burdock root.
A burdock root.
A burdock root.

Burdock Root Island is most famous for its abundance of burdock roots, as you can see displayed to the right of the screen. Everyone is free to take a leisurely stroll through the place, enjoying the fresh smell of burdocks. [1]

  1. It must be noted that the author has no actual knowledge of whether or not burdocks smell fresh. The question of whether burdocks actually produce any smell at all also remains unanswered in her mind.
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