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Not to be confused with Scratch Wiki:Bureaucrats.

Administrators is a usergroup which has the most usergroup rights itself. Administrators have rights that, if used incorrectly, may be detrimental to the wiki, such as deleting pages from the Scratch Wiki. New adminstrators are appointed periodically, with the elections electing new Experienced Wikians and appointing new adminstrators. The full list of administrators can be found here. To see the user rights that administrators have, but other groups do not, please see this page. The Administrators usergroup is not a status symbol, but rather a way to allow certain users to administrate the wiki in order to further help the community.


Admins have extra powers so they can settle disputes and revert/protect the wiki against vandalism with ease. You can view the full list here. Some powers related to this are:

Number in group

There are currently 28 administrators on the Scratch Wiki.

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