Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

Retired Community Moderators are Scratchers that have been a Community Moderator in the past. Created after the second Scratch Forums moderator election, the rank was given to the two moderators that left the moderator group after the election. The rank was removed in Scratch 2.0.

Dazachi and illusionist had to retire because they were too young for the rule that moderators must be 14 years old. However, this age limit was lowered to 13 later on to allow more Scratchers to run in the elections.

Retired Community Moderator Abilities

As well as being able to create, delete and edit their own posts, a Retired Community Moderator is able to post without the Sixty-Second Rule. They are also able to edit the subject of their own topics.[citation needed]

Retired moderators are given the Retired Community Moderator status.

Who had the Retired Community Moderator Rank

Six Scratchers had the title:

  • Dazachi
  • illusionist
  • KajTheModerator (account was a joke)
  • Wolfie1996
  • fullmoon
  • demosthenes

kevin_karplus, Jens, and Lanie used to be Community Moderators, but never had the rank.

Six moderators retired after the title was deleted,[1] and as such never held the title:

  • JSO
  • MyRedNeptune
  • coolstuff
  • Lucario621
  • Scimonster
  • nXIII
  • sparks


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