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This article is about the type of game. For the type of project, see RPG Projects.

An RPG or RP in Scratch is a Role-Playing Game played on the Scratch Website. They are played in three places: projects, studios, and the Collaborations forum. RPGs were previously played in the old Text Based Games Forums. In Scratch, an RPG game does not have rules or structure that real RPGs have and can be defined better as a storytelling game.

Role-playing games are activities where people control characters and interact with others in a virtual world. Posts contain 'snippets' of a story, usually made up as it goes:

RPGer1: "RPGer1 went outside to check the area for intruders."
RPGer2: "RPGer2 made a few mugs of hot chocolate. 'RPGer1, want some hot chocolate?'"
RPGer1: "Yes please," RPGer1 replied, taking one of the mugs and sitting down. They scanned the horizon for people as they took a sip of the drink.

RPGs in Projects

Main article: Role-Playing Game Projects

When projects are used to house the RPG, a project is created and uploaded, usually by the RPG owner. The project usually contains information about the RPG and its characters. To RPG at the project, users place comments — they act just like forum posts.

RPGs may also use projects as forms for character information or other things.

RPGs in Studios

Some users prefer using studios instead of projects. With a studio, there can be many projects related to the RPG, not just one. As the studio itself can not have a project on it, the information about the RPG is placed in the studio notes. Like projects, users RPG by placing comments. Some examples are:

RPGs in the Text-Based Games Forums

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With projects and studios, users are limited to comments; in the Text-Based Games Forums, forum posts could be used instead. Unlike comments, forum posts can use formatting (BBCode) and easily quote other posts. One of the most popular RPGs in the TBG forum was Flag RPG. It was also the topic with the most posts in the entire Scratch Website, but, following a mysterious deletion, it no longer holds that title.

On February 1, 2011, the Text Based Games Forums were split into two forums, leaving a forum specifically for RPGs. However, on March 1, 2013, the forums shut down permanently. The Text-Based Games forums can now be accessed here.

RPGs out of Nowhere

Some RPGs start on projects, profiles, and studios never intended to be an RPG.[1][2] They usually last temporary as the RPGers lose interest and abandon the RPG.

Basic Rules in RPGs

Here are some basic rules that many RPGs contain:

  • No powerplaying — power playing is controlling other characters.
  • No godmodding — this means having god-like powers and going beyond the limits of the RPG rules
  • No perfect characters — this means characters are perfect in every way. Also known as "Mary Sues" or "Gary Stus"
  • No super flawed characters — this means characters are flawed in every way

RPG Accounts

Users in RPGs may decide to make another account with the name of the character they are playing. (For example, a user playing Ben Farmer may make the account BenFarmer.) On these accounts, users may post projects made to look like they are made by the character they play while still commenting/posting in their RPG. They will probably have a picture of their character as the profile picture. These are not often used as main accounts, but some people become very active on them. However, by the time that the RPG is over, these accounts are often either deleted or abandoned.

Notable RPGs

This section lists several of the more successful RPGs on Scratch, and a bit about how they work.

Note Note: Some of these RPGs may have either been already inactive or closed by its owner.

Anthros Unite RPG

Anthros is an RPG based around animals with human qualities, called Anthros. It is based on the furry fandom. They derive their names from the word "Anthropomorphic", which means to have human-like qualities. Anthros, though, may range to be any animal that a user wants, with wolves, foxes, and cats being common.

Once a user picks an animal that suits them, a biography is supposed to be made about their new Anthro. It may say anything, including the Anthro's height, weight, special abilities, and dislikes. Once finished, the user may join a group, or create their own. A few groups include Anthros Unite, Fire Demons, Element Team, Kawaii Neko Nya, and The Forgotten.

Flag RPG

A banner for Flag RPG made by one of its players. It depicts several main characters of the game as of mid-2010.

Flag RPG was based around a world dominated by three species: flags, ninjas, and shadows. Flags were as they're normally thought of, though shadows hated flags. They constantly were having a mini-war. Ninjas, on the other hand, were allowed to choose whatever side they wanted. There was even a ninja, named Mika, who went back and forth from aiding the flags to fighting them.

Along with the above, there was also a flag master, who has assisted flags throughout the years; and a character from the future named Vista. This all played out in the medieval 1500's, though. As a rule, technology was not allowed, except through Vista. The storyline was summed up in the topic post, but to make role-playing easier, plot twists were added in.

Flag RPG at one time held the longest forum topic on the Scratch Website with over 20,000 posts, but due to a mysterious deletion, it lost the title. At its height, it had around 50 characters.

Hogwarts RPG

Hogwarts RPG is a studio-based RPG based on the Harry Potter Franchise created by the Scratchers PastelPanda and Fantazmaz. The RPG takes place in and around Hogwarts, during which the next generation of Death Eaters have invaded. The second year in the RPG is toted as including the Tri-Wizard Tournament, during which three champions will be on the path of death.

The RPG, as of June 28, 2014, had 9800 comments and 60 projects.

Jigglers RPG

The first Jiggler ever made, named Tickle.

In 2010, Jigglers was created by the Scratcher cozyhut3. The RPG focuses on a species called Jigglers. As the story goes, they used to live on a home planet different than Earth, but it was destroyed by The Evil Jiggler. Luckily, every Jiggler was able to make it onto spaceship pods, which all ended up on Earth.[citation needed]

The RPG was run by a person called the creator, who wrote the story as it went. The creator for Jigglers RPG left, though, and ended it just before the final battle between Jigglers and The Evil Jiggler.[citation needed] In response, the Scratcher ChewyPudding created Jigglers 2.0 RPG, which takes place 400 years after the final battle.[3] There also have been two other spin-offs, one of which is The Jiggler Arcade, where anything Jiggler-related is allowed; and Bolt Masters Water.

Warriors of the Forest

An example warrior cat from Water Clan.

On January 17, 2008, Warriors of the Forest RPG was created by the Scratcher HazelleafKitty. It was inspired by Erin Hunter's novel series called Warriors, a series about clans of cats living in the forest. Just like in the series, Warriors of the Forest also had clans, which were formed by participating Scratchers and their cat characters. Scratchers also often made projects describing their character. The storyline of the studio-based RPG was flexible in the fact that it was mostly co-created in the comments of its studio.

Warriors of the Forest RPG had reached over 100,000 comments by June 2010 and went inactive after mid-2011. In response to the inactivity, another RPG was created called Warriors of the Forest- The Next Generation RPG.

The Colour Divide

The Colour Divide logo.

The Colour Divide was an RPG created by -ninjagirl-.[4] The RPG takes place in a land known as Aurora, where humans are assigned a color and Familiar (an animal that assists the human) at the age 5 and at the age 12 are given a test that proves that they can receive the color. This RPG was popularized by bubble103's animated series based on the roleplay. As of May 25th, 2017, the Colour Divide holds more than 100[5] projects, 44866[6] comments, and 916 followers, and remains one of the most popular active RPGs.

The Four Clans Warriors RP

The Four Clans Warriors RP was created by cavemiava and has more than 100 projects and 80,000 comments. There are more than 100,000 comments and in some of the clan studios. This RP features the warrior clans, based off the book series "Warriors".



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