This article or section documents the current version of Scratch (version 3.0). For this article in Scratch 1.4, see Project Sharing (1.4).
The bar to share a project
The bar when shared as displayed the first time
The Share button inside the Scratch 3.0 project editor

One of the founding goals of Scratch is to allow others to view projects, see inside them, and remix them. Only projects made in Scratch are allowed on the Scratch Website. Projects made in Scratch modifications can be uploaded to third-party websites such as Mod Share as well as some modifications providing dedicated sites to upload to.[citation needed]

How to share a project

Projects are able to be shared from either the project page or directly from the editor. Projects cannot be shared directly from the Offline Editor: instead, they need to be imported into the online editor using the "Load from your computer" option in the File dropdown.

From an unshared project page, a "share" button is displayed in an orange bar above the project.

In the project editor, in the top-right corner adjacent the project page button is a "Share" button which appears for an unshared project. Clicking this will share the project, opening the project page as well.

After sharing, a different bar will appear at the top of the project page.

When a project is shared, it becomes publicly viewable to all Scratchers, even if not signed in. Once a project is shared, it becomes possible for anyone to remix the project.

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