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The main parts of publicly editing your profile.

There are a few simple features that can change a profile's public appearance, such as the About me and What I'm working on tab, and profile picture. One can see these images to the right.

Profile Picture

If one would like to change the profile picture of an account, one can hover the mouse over the profile picture on the account page. The word change will appear on the top-left corner of the picture. When clicked, one will be prompted to choose an image on one's computer, letting one select a GIF or picture. Choose a picture or GIF, and the profile picture will be what was picked. The image must be less than 500 pixels and 512 kilobytes in order to be used.

Note Note: Depending on the size of the selected image, it may appear differently as a profile picture
Note Tip: The image will be cropped into a square shape when selected, so it is recommended to crop one's image into a square before using it.

"About me" and "What I'm working on" Section

When one decides to make a new account on Scratch, one's account has two text boxes, About me and What I'm working on. Most users may choose to describe themselves in About Me, such as adding their Scratch interests, off-Scratch interests, other accounts, and perhaps what they like about Scratch. This is entirely a user's choice, however. The second section, What I'm Working On, generally is used to talk about the user's current projects, their progress, or goals. Adding text in these two boxes isn't mandatory, but helpful if a viewer wants to know a little bit more about the Scratcher. Both text boxes have a 200 character limit.

Featured Project

An example of a featured project.
Main article: Featured Project (Profile Page)

On one's profile, there will be a frame named 'Featured Project.' Here, a favorite or best project can be showcased, as well as a label for it. Currently the available labels are:

  • Featured Project
  • Featured Tutorial
  • Work in Progress
  • Remix This!
  • My Favorite Things
  • Why I Scratch

Alternatively, the featured project will be one's most recent one and will change when a new project is shared. However, it is also possible to manually select the project and label. To do this, one must hover the mouse over the project currently in the Featured Project category, and on the top left corner, a black box with the words change featured project will appear. When it is clicked, one can choose the project and label to display on one's profile.