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An example of polyart

Polyart is a type of art in Scratch that consists of polygons, mostly triangles. It is similar to blockshade, but it only uses polygons rather than strokes of any shape. Polyart can be used to make things as simple as apples to something as complicated as a tiger.

Making Polyart

To start, choose an image. Using the eyedropper tool, pick the color on a corner. Draw a triangle, and then adjust its size so that it covers up the area. Do the same using the eyedropper and triangles, and cover the whole image. After the polyart is done, the original image can be deleted.[1]


Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Use the Vector editor: Using the vector editor will make the image smooth and less pixelated.
  • Start with a simple image: When trying polyart for the first time, stick to a simple image.[2]
  • Try to maintain uniformity: Uniformity is very important in art. Try to keep all the triangles in the same size range.
  • Have patience: Polyart is a complicated process. One may not succeed in their first try, but do not give up. The more one practices, the better the art will be.

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