An example pen project.

Pen projects are projects that predominantly use the pen to graph, draw, or write. Their use of the pen over other features like costumes can make them difficult to create but also make them turn out very unique.

Types of Pen Projects

Some types of pen projects are:

  • Rendering projects, which use the pen to render three-dimensional objects, two-dimensional figures, simulations, and other things. Trigonometry is often used for mathematics in three-dimensional rendering. One type of three-dimensional rendering is a raycaster, which relates a two-dimensional figure's distance and directions to walls to render a three-dimensional maze.
  • Paint editors, which use the pen to let the user draw, as one would with Photoshop or Paint. The pen can be modified with simple or advanced scripts to meet the desired tool's usages. Color pickers are often associated with paint editor projects for color selection.
  • Project with string, or connections between two points in games (such as a connection between the grapple and swinger in a Grapple game). Projects where strings must bend in accordance with a sprite's movement are very difficult to make using costumes, so the pen is typically used, along with mathematics.
  • Grids, which output graphics onto the screen in the format of an paternal array or grid, such as in a board game or a Conway's Game of Life simulator. Drawing modifiable-sized grids can especially be simplified using the pen as an alternative to costumes.

Scratch Design Studio

On November 29, 2011, pen projects were selected for the Scratch Design Studio. The studio can be seen here.


Here are a few example pen projects:

Name Number of Scripts Number of Sprites More info
Paint editor 95 16 link
Line Plan Map V. 5.0 46 10 link
Mushroom Equation 3 1 link

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