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Original Characters, commonly abbreviated as OCs are characters that can be drawn to describe oneself or just to make a person, animal, demigod, etc. They can be found anywhere, not just on Scratch.

Creating an OC

To make an OC, there are many factors one needs to keep in mind. Open the Scratch paint editor or another editing software (one can download the image and import it to Scratch later on). Start by considering, "What form or shape is my OC?" One's OC can be human, animal, an inanimate object or a mixture. Most commonly, OCs are regular humans. When one's considered the shape or form, it is time to actually draw it out. Draw out the shape one has considered in the first place, then add details. Open the paintbrush and begin drawing lots of lines where one wants separate colors to be. For example, if one wants a human girl's shirt to have rainbow stripes, draw 5 or 6 lines on the shirt, then the colors can be filled in. When one has finished drawing all of one's lines, one can start using the fill tool (can be found on Scratch editor or on many other editing softwares) and fill in the lines with any color one wants.

Common uses of OCs

On Scratch, there are many things that can be done with OCs, for example:

  • Remixing: Often,[citation needed] a Scratcher will share a project called something similar to "Draw your OC and I'll Make it ____", or "Give me your OC and I'll ____ify it", which one would remix and draw their OC in a space provided, and then the creator of the original project would remix that project again, but with whatever they promised you.
  • One can make animations and stories with them.
  • One can take requests to draw them from other Scratchers.
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