Next Backdrop
next backdrop
Category Looks
Type Stack

The Next Backdrop block is a Looks block and a stack block. The block changes the backdrop to the next in the list of backdrops, but if the current backdrop is the last in the list, the block will loop to the first.

The equivalent for a sprite is the Next Costume block, though sprites do not have an event hat block for changing costumes.


Prior to Scratch 2.0, this block was called Next Background and did not fire an event upon running. During 2.0 development, this block was also called "Next Scene". Prior to Scratch 3.0, this block was stage-only.

Example Uses

This block is mainly used in animation scripts, in which the stage will progress through its backdrops as with stop motion animation. The wait () seconds block is often used along with it to improve the animation speed.

Alternatively, it can be used for slideshow-style projects as shown below:

When [space v] key pressed
next backdrop


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block may simply be replicated with the following code:

switch backdrop to (next backdrop v)

Also, because this block simply advances the backdrop number, the following code can do this:

switch backdrop to ((backdrop [number v]) + (1))

To get the effect of the nonexistent Previous Backdrop block, the addition can be changed to subtraction.


Many users have made suggestions about removing this block, insisting that its alternative is perfectly fine to use;[1][2] however, others have disagreed, saying that it saves lots of time and is handy for animation.[3][4]

See Also


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