This article is about the project organizer. For a profile page, see Profile Page. For a profile page in Scratch 1.4, see Profile Page (1.4).
A user's My Stuff, focused on the unshared projects section.

The My Stuff page is a page on the Scratch Website. From it, a Scratcher can control and view various aspects of projects and studios. Projects and studios can be created, shared, edited, unshared, and deleted from the My Stuff page. The My Stuff page can only be viewed if one is signed in.


The header says "My Stuff". To the right are two buttons: "+ New Project" and "+ New Studio". Beneath this is a bar with actions. There is a "Sort by" dropdown on the left. In this menu are different ways to sort the list. Projects can be sorted by last modified, views, loves, remixes, A-Z (alphabetical), and Z-A.

Content List

An entry in the project list, showing the thumbnail, title, modification date, and a see inside button.

The content list shows a list of projects or studios. It displays the title of a project or studio, its thumbnail, and the date it was last modified on. In addition, if the project is shared, it displays the number of views, remixes, loves, favorites, and comments. For projects, there is a See Inside button to edit the project. At the bottom of the list, there is a Load More button, which loads more items into the selected view.

The order of projects displayed may be different from the "Shared Projects" row on a Profile Page because the row on profile pages sorts projects by their creation date, while the My Stuff page does not have this option.


There are five tabs in the studio sidebar: All Projects, Shared Projects, Unshared Projects, My Studios, and Trash. After the title, it displays the number of projects or studios in the category in parentheses.

All Projects

This section displays all projects that the creator has saved.

Sort by

Projects can be sorted by views, loves, favorites, remixes, by most to least as well as A to Z.

Shared Projects

On the right of a project, it shows statistics. From top to bottom: views, love-its, comments, remixes, and favorites. The last icon is not used.

This section lists projects shared by the creator. In the center of the list of projects, there is a drop-down menu titled add to. Clicking this brings down a list of the studios the user can add projects to.

On the right, it shows 6 of the project's statistics: views, remixes, love-its, favorites, comments, and an icon that represents the number of studios the project has been added to. However, this is not accurate, nor in use[1]. Beneath is a link to unshare the project.

Unshared Projects

The "share" button on an unshared project's page.

This section lists projects that have not been marked as "shared" by the creator.

On the right, there is a "delete" link. Only unshared projects can be deleted. A project can be shared by going to its page and clicking the share button.


The trash consists of unshared projects that have been "deleted" from the My Stuff page. Near the top of the trash is a header with a button on the right labeled "Empty Trash". Clicking this will delete all projects in the trash after the account's password is entered. Projects can be "undeleted" and put back into the "Unshared Projects" category of My Stuff.

However, projects emptied from the trash can still be accessed by the owner of it if they still know the project ID, but they will not show up in My Stuff and thus cannot be shared anymore.

My Studios

Next to a studio thumbnail, it shows the project and comment counts.

This section lists studios currently curated by the user.

Here, the "sort by" menu contains last modified, projects, comments, A-Z, and Z-A. There is also another menu, the filter menu. The title of the menu is the selected option, which is not shown in the menu. The options are all, hosted by me, and curated by me.


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