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This article is about when a Scratcher is temporarily blocked from posting content. For the sound editor tool, see Sound Editor#Mute. For the block that stops all sounds, see Stop All Sounds (block).
Not to be confused with Ban.
What it looks like when a user is muted after the new update

A mute is when a user is temporarily automatically blocked from making comments and forum posts after previous posts have automatically been detected to be inappropriate or disrespectful. For comments, this action is performed by an automated bot, but may also be done by the Scratch Team.[1] Because the filter tends to be more strict for New Scratchers, they are more likely to trigger a mute without intent.[2] If a user is muted repeatedly, the Scratch Team may issue a ban, but the filter will not automatically ban anyone for being muted too many times.[3]


The update added an alert that is sent after a mute expires

On February 17, 2021, the filter was updated[4] after some criticism regarding certain censors that were "okay" for Scratch, but not deemed appropriate by the filter. This new update includes mute times, an alert when a user is unmuted, and sometimes reasons for why they were muted. In addition, the list of blacklisted terms was updated. The "rest of the day" mute is no longer in effect, and typically, the first mute would be 5 minutes, and increase by 5 or 10 minutes thereafter. However, if a user is more trustworthy and gets muted less frequently, the filter will reset back to 5 minutes. This update was made since the "rest of the day" mute was considered more than necessary, and the Scratch Team wanted to make the system more lenient,[5] but the new update is still facing backlash.[6]


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