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The Music Extension is a Scratch 3.0 extension which replaces some sound blocks. They automatically load when a Scratch 2.0 project using them is loaded.

Why is this an Extension?

Some blocks, for example, using MIDI notes or BPM are difficult for beginners.[1] It is also possible to show some special supports when it is added.


The blocks, as of the version of Scratch 3 on the 25th of June.

Change Tempo by () - Changes the tempo by the desired amount
Play Drum () for () Beats - Plays the drum selected from the dropdown menu for the desired amount of beats
Play Note () for () Beats - Plays a MIDI note for a certain amount of beats
Rest for () Beats - Pauses the songs for a certain amount of beats
Set Instrument to () - Sets the instrument playing the music
Tempo - Reports back the value of the tempo



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