Not to be confused with Change X by () (block) or Change Y by () (block).
Move () Steps
move (10) steps
Category Motion
Type Stack
Assuming the black grid shows individual pixel positions, moving 1 step gets the Scratch Cat to the red circle, its final position along the circle depending on its direction. Moving 2 steps gets to orange, and moving 3 steps gets to green.

The move () steps block is a stack block and a Motion block. Unlike the Change X by () or the Change Y by (), this block moves its sprite forward the specified amount of "steps" in the direction it is facing. A step is equal to a one-pixel length. The Default Value is 10 and can be replaced by any number. The block uses trigonometry to move in the proper direction, as this is how a computer handles it.

Prior to Scratch 22Dec04, this block was known as "forward ()".

Example Uses

Instead of using complicated scripts with the Change X by () block and the Change Y by () block, this block can be easily used to move a sprite in its direction.

Some common uses for the Move () Steps block are:

  • Making sprites move
when gf clicked
set rotation style [left-right v]
  move (10) steps
  if on edge, bounce
  • Moving a sprite forward in an animation
repeat (10)
  move (10) steps
  • Making a sprite follow the mouse
  point towards (mouse-pointer v)
  move (10) steps
  • Making a sprite follow another sprite
 point towards (other sprite v)
 move (10) steps


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replicated with the following code:

go to x: ((x position) + (([sin v] of (direction)) * (number))) y: ((y position) + (([cos v] of (direction)) * (number))


change x by ((steps) * ([sin v] of (direction)))
change y by ((steps) * ([cos v] of (direction)))

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