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Mod Share
Current Version 4
Operating Systems All
Purpose for creation Share projects created in mods
Developer(s) LS97 & jvvg
Open source? Yes (Git Repository)
Programming language HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
Official Website
Archived Forum Topic ar-topic:106243

Mod Share is a website that allows users to upload projects made in Scratch modifications. Three versions of the site were closed for different reasons.

Reason for Creation

The website had been created because the Scratch Source Code License does not allow Scratch modifications to upload to any MIT site, therefore blocking the sharing creativity from Scratch modification users.


The latest version of Mod Share is V4.

The first Mod Share

Mod Share was at first created by Daffy22 with the help of LS97 at to share projects made in Scratch modifications.

Troll attack on Mod Share V1

In March 2010, Mod Share was attacked by anonymous trolls through the technique of JavaScript Injection, and was forced to close down.

The rebirth of Mod Share V2

Following the attack on V1, LS97 recreated a more secure and user-friendly version at following the original idea. This version added a user system that allowed Scratchers to track their uploads.

Closing of Mod Share V2

Mod Share 2 was then closed by the hosting provider for excessive CPU usage. As a result of this, LS97 teamed up with jvvg to create the third version of Mod Share, with a bunch of new features.

An early development screenshot of Mod Share 3

Mod Share 3

Mod Share 3 was released on the 14th of January 2012. It was located at It contained a lot of new features, including the ones listed below.

Mod Share IV

Due to the fact that Mod Share 3 was deleted by the web host for claims of inactivity (although it was put back up later), LS97 and jvvg decided it was time for something new. It includes more efficient code, a better friending system, better security, and better integration with some mods (mainly Bingo 2.0 and Insanity 1.1), allowing for a direct upload from those mods.

Supported Modifications

Mod Share allows the upload of any SB file, but also supports the following Scratch modifications:


The new website contains the following features:

  • Automatic PHP upload of projects
  • A user system with friends
  • Documentation
  • A customized FluxBB Forum with special BBCode (including [scratchblocks])
  • Commenting on projects and a notification system
  • A search engine to search the uploads
  • When creating an account, if that user exists on Scratch, you must use the password for that account to verify your identity
  • A bookmarking system[2]
  • Custom colors (see the difference between the screenshots)
A screenshot of the forums with the Mod Share header integrated.
A screenshot of the current browse page, featuring the search engine at the top

Features of old Mod Share

A screenshot of the old spotlight.

The Spotlight

The spotlight was a way to get a project that one uploaded in the "spotlight", which had a place on the front page. By entering the name of one's project, the spotlight would post it on the homepage so the project would get extra views and more constructive comments.

The Project Panel

The Project Panel was where the person who uploaded the project could enter their preset password and have the ability to

  • Delete the project
  • Change/upload an icon
  • Change the description
  • Add tags

April Fools' Day

The altered website

For April Fools' Day 2013, Mod Share changed its name and theme of the site to parody the TV show America's Got Talent, in the vein of April Fools' Day on the Scratch Website. It was also announced that Kaj would join the Mod Share Team.[3]


On August 29th, 2013, jvvg announced that non-critical support on Mod Share had been ended. With this it was also announced that new features will not be added and further mods are not going to be added to the site.

The decision was made due to financial issues as well as a lack of interest. The website was moved after October 2014 as a read-only archive to FutureSight's website.

However, when the Scratch 2.0 source code was released, it was announced that Mod Share would once again begin accepting mods (although only Scratch 2.0 mods), and once several mods were available, the website would enter active development again and necessary new features would be added. Since Scratch 2.0 mods are programmed in Flash, it was also announced that there would be a possibility of modded projects working online on Mod Share.[4]

Since the end of life of the Flash Player in December 2020, projects on Mod Share can no longer be played online and must be downloaded.