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This article is about the device. For the extension, see micro:bit Extension.
The micro:bit icon in the extension menu
What a micro:bit looks like

The micro:bit is a tiny computer designed by the BBC for use in schools: a small circuit board with lights, buttons, and tilt/movement sensors. The micro:bit extension allows it to be used with Scratch.

Connecting a micro:bit with Scratch

The micro:bit connection help screen

To connect a micro:bit, one must go to the extensions menu and select the micro:bit extension. Scratch will then look for micro:bits. If one is not found a window will appear telling the user to make sure Scratch Link, which can be downloaded here, is installed and running along with telling the user to make sure that Bluetooth is on.


The micro:bit has the following features that Scratch does not support natively:

  • Tilt/movement sensor: Changes the tilt values and triggers jumped and shaken events.
  • 5×5 Display: A 5×5 grid of lights that can show text and small images.
Selecting an image for the micro:bit display
  • Buttons: Can be pressed to trigger the button pressed hat.
  • Pins: 25 pins let you connect other things.

Buying a micro:bit

Note Note: Ask a parent/guardian before buying a micro:bit.

One can buy a micro:bit at the official website.

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