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The message icon when a user is logged in and has a message.

Messages and notifications are Scratch's way of notifying Scratchers of important or minor events typically relating to their projects. If one is logged in, they are accessible here. Some Scratchers also call the messages and notifications area the "Inbox".[1]

Scratchers should remember to be kind and respectful when posting to ensure that nobody ends up hurt or upset.

If a user has a message, the number of messages will appear surrounded by an orange circle over the envelope symbol in the navigation bar.

Reasons for Messages

What a typical "Messages and notifications" page looks like


Scratchers receive messages for several reasons. Some of these are:

  • When someone leaves a comment on one of their projects or their profile
  • When someone replies to their comment on a project, studio, or profile
  • When there is new activity in a studio they curate
  • When they are invited to be a curator of a studio
  • When they are promoted to manager of a studio.
  • When someone follows them
  • When someone loves or favorites one of their projects
  • When someone remixes one of their projects
  • When there are new posts on a topic they're following

Scratch Team Alerts

Main article: Alert

Sometimes, the Scratch Team contacts a user and a special message known as an alert shows up in their messages, usually if the user behaves inappropriately or if they have met the requirements to become a full Scratcher. Scratchers might receive an alert if they report anything without enough evidence or if a false report was made.

Deleting and Disabling Notifications

Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

Prior to Scratch 2.0 on the notifications pages, there were two links at the bottom.

  • Stop sending me messages when someone leaves a comment on one of my projects. — Disables receiving notifications when another user comments on their project
  • Stop sending me messages when someone leaves a comment on one of my galleries. — Disables receiving notifications when another user comments on their gallery

Notification Delete Request

Prior to Scratch 2.0, then-Scratch Team member andresmh asked everybody who had a large bulk of notifications to delete them, as it used up a lot of server space.[2]

This is no longer necessary after the release of Scratch 2.0 as there is no deleting of messages.

Filtering Messages

The filter menu

In addition with the new messages page,[3] a feature was added to filter messages. The menu can be accessed at the top right of the messages page.

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