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mBlock is a programming language based off of Scratch. One of the limitations of Scratch is that it can only be used to make computer programs. mBlock simplifies the process of coding in C, and the code is very similar to that of Scratch.

Installing and using mBlock

To install mBlock, go to the mBlock site. mBlock is commonly used for different robotic kits. mBlock supports the following:

It supports the following languages:

  • C
  • Python

A lot can be done with mBlock and is only limited by the user's imagination.


The mBlock coding interface is similar to Scratch, but the cat is replaced by a panda, and 'my blocks' are part of 'data and blocks', and there's a new section called 'robots'.

mBlock's 3.0 update

As of 2019, a huge update was made to mBlock in which the Scratch 3.0 editor looked very similar to mBlock's update.[1] This look did not stop mBlock from being unique, however. They changed quite a few of Scratch's features, from the GUI to the placement of the green flag and stop sign (see image on the first reference).