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Reason: Tells a user how to break the Terms of Use (although Making Scratch Crash might be an exception)

Making Invisible Code is a name for when a user edits the JSON of a project to make code invisible.

Note Warning: Never do this solely to make a project uneditable and unremixable. Doing so breaks the Terms of Use.

Finding project.json

To find the project JSON, one must follow these steps:

First, make a new project or open an already done project and download the project. The project must be downloaded to extract the JSON.

Next, find where the file was downloaded and rename the sb3 file and rename it to "" and extract the .zip file. This is key to getting project.json.

Last, find project.json in the file that was extracted from the zip file.

Making the Code Invisible

Now, open project.json in a text editor. Find some parts that say ‘"shadow":false’ and change the ‘false’ values to ‘true’. The next step is to close the JSON file and save your changes.

If the zipped folder containing the edited project.json file is renamed to an .sb3 file, it can be reopened into Scratch as a project, and the blocks that were edited to be shadows will be invisible.

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