This is a list of errors that can occur when attempting to post on the Scratch Forums.

  • The Sixty-Second Rule: An error given to Scratchers who attempt to post more comments than once within one minute. (Sorry, you have to wait 60 seconds between posts.)
  • The 120-Second Rule: A variation of the Sixty-Second Rule, an error given to New Scratchers who attempt to post more than once within two minutes. (Sorry, you have to wait 120 seconds between posts.)
  • Image host restriction: Attempting to add a link to an image on a non-approved host (to prevent potentially inappropriate images from appearing) (Sorry, you need to host your images with a service like Please update your image links or remove all BB code [img] tags. Bad image url: image URL)
  • Post length restriction: Posts cannot be longer than 200,000 characters. (Ensure this value has at most 200000 characters (it has number of characters).)
  • No subject error: If no subject is given when creating a topic, an error is thrown. (This field is required is displayed above the subject textbox)
Post Error Blank Post.PNG
  • No message error: Posts must contain some content. (This field is required is displayed above the message textbox if the post is empty, or Can't be empty nor contain only whitespace characters if it only contains whitespace)
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