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This is a list of frequently rejected suggestions on the Scratch Suggestions forum. This list contains brief explanations that are shortened for readability, but to see more detailed explanations, see The Official List of Rejected Suggestions.

Scratch Blocks

<() received?> Boolean

( v) received?::events boolean

It is too ambiguous how this would work. When would it trigger? [1] Blocks to Repeat and Wait until a broadcast are received are not and currently have their own topic here

When stop sign clicked Event Block

when 🛑 clicked:: hat events

This block would defeat the purpose of the stop sign.[2]

Pointing Towards Sprite Boolean block

This block would allow a sprite to detect if it is pointing towards another sprite. But it is ambiguous when it would trigger.[3]

Money Blocks

ask for [$ v] [5] and wait :: operators
when [$ v] [5] paid :: operators hat

This block/feature would allow users to make certain Scratch project features cost money to access. Scratch, however, is an educational site, and is not intended as a way for users to make money.[4]

Social action reporter blocks

(number of [loves v] ::sensing)

This block could allow projects to know how many social actions they have, but that would be against Scratch's programming focus. This rejection extends to all social actions, including views, loves, favorites, remixes, comments, and followers. [5]

Cloud Lists

(☁️ list ::list)

Cloud variables currently have several restrictions. Users can create no more than 10 in one project, each with a limit of 256 numeric digits (effectively a few more using the negative/positive and the decimal point).[6]   This feature would allow cloud lists, but this would allow the length limit to be bypassed, and make cloud chat projects too easy to make, even if it was only numbers.

2D lists

2D lists are a type of data structure that allows you to put an entire list as an element of another list; that is, it allows you to put lists inside of lists. These sorts of data structures are used widely in other programming languages.

For those who are interested, it may be worth checking out Snap!. It is a block-based programming language designed for more experienced programmers and has more advanced data structures than Scratch does.[7]

delete (),() in [2d list v] ::list
delete all of [2d list v] ::list
delete [row v] () of [2d list v] ::list
add () to (),() in [2d list v] ::list
replace item (),() with () in [2d list v] ::list
(item (),() of [2d list v] ::list)
store location of item () of list [2d list v] in list [normal list v] ::list
([x v] length of [list v] ::list)

3D Scratch

3D Scratch would allow projects to be 3 dimensional. But if would be complicated with many cameras settings, 3d models, an could also lag browsers. Many existing blocks might not work too.[8]

For those who are interested, it may be worth checking out Beetle Blocks or CreatiCode. They are block-based programming languages similar to the Scratch editor, but with 3D features. There is also Starlogo TNG. You can also try Alice; it is not exactly like Scratch, but has some similar features.

Control Mouse Pointer Blocks

This block, and others, could be used to hide or move the mouse pointer or set it's look to a arbitrary costume. [9]. It also may confuse users when their mouse disappears or gets stuck and it would be easy to abuse. [10]

However, changing the look of the mouse pointer to one of the default mouse pointers has not been rejected yet and is being discussed here

Forever If C Block

This block was in the Scratch 1.4 editor, and worked the same as putting an “if” block inside the existing “forever” loop. It was removed in Scratch 2.0 because many beginning Scratchers found it to be confusing. The aforementioned workaround, evidently, is simple and more intuitive.[11]

forever if <>{
} ::control

Text/Symbols in Cloud Data

This would allow people to store usernames and other text in cloud variables. However, this feature, that existed in the 2.0 beta would be very easy to abuse.

By Encoding And Decoding, it is possible to simulate letters in cloud variables. In reality, however, this is just using numbers in cloud variables and letters in normal variables.[12]

Make the cat blocks permanent

The cat blocks were only an April Fools joke, and even if this was an option or extension, this would give extra work for the Scratch Team. [13]

when gf clicked ::cat

However, they can still be viewed here.

The Coding Interface

Adding Users to work on projects

Having multiple Scratchers work on the same project would be difficult to moderate not only due to technological limitations but also because it could lead to private messaging. [14]

At the moment, a turn-based collaboration system for shared projects is NOT rejected; you can discuss it on this topic

Text Based Scratch

Some users wish to code Scratch not with the blocks, but with typing code instead (similar to how more advanced programming languages work). Others what to convert scratch to languages like Javascript or others. However, Scratch is designed for beginners.[15]

This suggestion extends to coding, viewing, converting, or downloading Scratch in any text-based language. It may be worth checking out Tosh. It is a text-based programming language that serves as a text editor for Scratch projects.

Make The Editor look like Older Versions of Scratch

Some users prefer the layout of old versions of scratch and want to be able to revert to them, however that would cause many problems, like removed blocks. It would also make the Scratch Team maintain more versions of the scratch UI and not all tutorials would match every layout.[16]

Official Scratch to Executable Converter

Scratch is designed to have everything be open source so users can see how projects work and tinker, and also for moderation purposes. If a project was converted to a black box executable, or even a language like JavaScript, that would be lost. [17]

Removing or Raising the clone limit

The clone limit is to stop problems on low end devices. It will not be removed or changed.[18]

Scratch for video game consoles

Scratch does not have the resources(money to buy devkits, time to program scratch in a console compatible language, ect)[19]. Usb controller support is not rejected, and can be discussed at this topic

Scratch Projects

Allowing cloud chats

Allowing cloud chats will not happen because of the potential of bullying. You can still have the user select from a predetermined list of phrases. You can also have it be "fill in the blanks"(for example, allowing users to send messages like "hi [user in the game]" or "i am at [place in platformer game]"[20]. Cloud chats like this were not disallowed because someone could say a swear word, but out of non swear words, say things like "you suck" or "you are not good at making scratch projects".

Remix/see inside/download locking

One of the most important features of scratch is the share aspect, and by sharing a project you agree that it can be remixed.[21][22]

Ban a certain franchise(book/movie/videogame/ect)

Just because a project about a certain thing that could be inappropriate does not mean all projects about them are.[23]

Censor projects with no coding

Scratch encourages creativity other than coding.[24]

Remove the automatic project censor

The automatic project censor is necessary for the community to stay safe.[25]

Dislike Button or Project Rating System

This is rejected because newer scratchers might get discouraged by low ratings.[26][27]

Ability to see who viewed your project

Drama could be created if project creators someone viewed a project without liking/faving/following.[28]


Remove studio activity messages

Many users are annoyed by studio messages, but they are helpful to some users.[29]

Invite All button for studios

Could lead to a lot of unwanted traffic in inboxes [30]

Revert the studio changes

While many scratchers hate the new design and features, the scratch team had good intentions and abandoning all of those changes would be a bad idea.[31][32]

Comments and text fields

Edit or delete your comments anyware

This is rejected to stop spam, so you cant spam and then edit or delete it.[33]

Remove the character limits

The limits are in place to prevent spam.[34]

Notification for being mentioned in comments

This would be easy to abuse for spam[35]

Live commenting or live streaming

This is rejected because of the issues of moderation. It would also be taxing for scratch's servers.[36][37]

Censor some the allowed mild swears

The Scratch Team has decided that they are not too offensive and dont need to be censored completely. However, disrespectful use of these words is not allowed.[38][39]

Scratch Community

Private messaging

Private Messaging would be very easy to abuse. [40]

A 13+ version of the site or age restricted content

Splitting the site will not be useful, and there is the problem of verifying user age.[41][42]

Ban Follow For Follow(F4F)

Some people are annoyed by F4F, but some people do it, so the Scratch Team will not ban it.[43]

Allow scratchers to moderate the website

This is rejected because people could abuse that power and they could also be exposed to inappropriate things.[44]

Don't promote/feature political views

You are allowed to express your political views on scratch.[45]

Change or remove the extension policy

The extension policy is designed to protect scratchers and will not be removed.[46]

If there were ads on the scratch website, that might go against the non profit methodology. Scratch could also get in legal trouble.[47] For unpaid ads, how would the projects be chosen?[48]

Popup alert that encourages users to take a break from screen time

Scratch having a popup alert is not a solution for too much screen time. [49]

Proposing your own projects to be featured

If people could propose their own projects, there would be too many projects proposed, among other issues.[50]

Recently shared projects row

There is a risk of inappropriate projects appearing on that row.[51]

Featured Scratchers row

The front page is for showing off projects,not users.[52]

User Accounts

Changing usernames

If someone could change their display name, then the website would be hard for the Scratch Team to moderate. It would also put strain on the servers. [53][54] The suggestion to change capitalization is not rejected, and it can be discussed here.

Remove new scratcher Status

The new scratcher rank is meant to stop spam[55] and it does not take that long to become a scratcher. [56]

A rank above Scratcher

A rank above scratcher could cause division and conflict in the community.[57]

Show when users are online

The scratch team has decided that that would not benefit Scratch as an educational platform.[58]

Show when users are banned

Everyone has a right for their bans to not be public. This suggestion is rejected.[59] An Option to make your ban public is not rejected, and has it's own topic here.

Recycle Usernames

Even if a user is inactive, they may still want their account. If someone could use their name, all of their work would be deleted and they could be impersonated. The scratch team also wants to keep the account to refer back to.[60]

Ability to block users

Blocking users would just cover up the problem, not solve it.[61]

Digital Currency or Awards for achievements

Having a reward for getting loves or favs, or other "achievements" or actions in games is rejected. That would make a community that judges by that arbitrary score or other rewards you got, and for ingame achievements, who would stop someone from making a project just to give them/others rewards?[62][63][64]

Notification when someone unfollows/unloves/unfavs a project/you

This could cause some drama between the user and the unfollower, and the Scratch Team believes that users should be allowed to unfollow without feeling guilty.[65]

Change or remove the list of locations

Scratch's list is based on an international standard. It will not be added or removed.[66][67]

Discussion Forums

Bring back the discuss tab

The scratch forums are easy to misuse, and new scratchers might not know how to use the forums properly, and the button would cause many new scratchers to use the forums. It also caused issues with wide languages like Deutsch.[68]

Notifications for being quoted in the forums

Due to the way the forums work, this would not be possible. There would also be the issue of spam. To stay up to date on a topic, follow it.[69]

Off topic section in the forums

There used to be one, and it got shut down due to spam.[70]

A list of accepted suggestions

That could cause mean arguments over who suggested what, and people saying that it is not really accepted because it is not exactly how it was suggested.

Allow users to upload files to Scratch

The issue is that it would cause a need for more moderation work and storage space.[71]

Polls on the forums

The scratch team is more interested in constructed replies and less in votes to suggestions.[72]

Tutorials section on the Forums

They are rejected because the forums are for discussion. Use a project or wiki article insted.[73]

Forums Restriction

Removing 60/120 Second rule, New Scratcher status, etc.

While all of these things may seem annoying, they are extremely effective shields against spam.[74]

Show exact post count

The number of posts is not a contest[75]. You can also still see the count here

Remove restricted image hosts or add your own

The scratch team does not want to have to spend time moderating tons of image sites. The scratch team only allows image hosts with certain rules.[76]

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