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This tutorial will discuss arrays in JavaScript and compare them to lists in Scratch.

Creating a List or Array

An example of a list in Scratch

In Scratch, a list can be made using the "Make a List" button in the Variables section of the Block Palette. In JavaScript, an array can be created and stored in a variable with this syntax:

const aNewArray = [item1, item2, item3];

For example, this is the JavaScript version of the list in the image to the right:

const inventory = ['ruby', 'crystal', 'shovel', 'shoes', 'pan', 'emerald'];

Arrays can hold different data types, just like lists in Scratch:

const aNewArray = ['string', 5, false];

Adding Items to a List or Array

In Scratch, an item can be added to a list with the add [thing] to [list v] block. In JavaScript, the push() method can be used to add items to an array. For example, to add "gold" to the "inventory" list in Scratch, you could do this:

when green flag clicked
add [gold] to [inventory v]

In JavaScript, this could be done:

const inventory = ['ruby', 'crystal', 'shovel', 'shoes', 'pan', 'emerald'];