Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

The LEGO WeDo 1.0 extension is an extension for Scratch 2.0 which allows one to program a LEGO WeDo 1.0 kit. (Some of these blocks were Motor blocks in Scratch 1.4.)

There are currently 9 LEGO WeDo 1.0 blocks: 2 hat blocks, 5 stack blocks, and 2 reporter blocks.

Showing the LEGO WeDo Blocks

The More Blocks category, where extension blocks are located.

The LEGO WeDo 1.0 blocks cannot be used until the extension has been added. To do this, click the Add an Extension button in the More Blocks palette and select "LEGO WeDo 1.0". They can be removed by clicking on the heading which appears above them and selecting "Remove extension blocks".

These blocks can only be used with a LEGO WeDo 1.0 kit, but can still be viewed without one.


Note Note: Click on a block to learn more about it!

The LEGO WeDo 1.0 extension has the following blocks:

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