An example of an ITopic on the forums.

An ITopic is a topic in the list of important and helpful topics given in certain forums. ITopic stands for "Index Topic". They are linked to in the ITopic index.

How the ITopic System Works

In various forums, more and more topics were stickied. To prevent a large clutter of stickies, the ITopic system was made. A topic was created listing all the stickies, and that was stickied instead. Then the previous stickies did not need to be stickied anymore. The unstickied topics were then called "ITopics."

Not all forums in the Scratch Forums use the ITopic system; only the forums that have a large amount of stickies utilize the system. When there are ITopics, a link to those will most likely be found in a sticky as a list.

How a Topic Becomes ITopiced

Scratchers can recommend topics to be ITopiced by reporting the first post with a message such as "This should be Sticked for _____ reason".

Note Note: The more ITopics there are, the less likely it is that they will be viewed.

Forums that use the ITopic System

Six forums currently use the ITopic system:

Forums are only likely to use the ITopic system if there are many stickies in the forum; forums with only a few stickies, like the Requests forum do not use the ITopic system.

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