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Scratchers often[1] publish their games on, a platform for indie games. Since independent games are created without the support and influence of a publisher, they are often shorter and less optimized. However, indie games have a high degree of creativity and innovation put into them. Besides hosting, also provides a platform for game jams, in which Scratch projects are likewise frequent submissions.

When is the Game Good Enough?

In contrast to the educational character of Scratch, is a site for game developers. If one would like to publish the game then it should:

  • Have a good, innovative gameplay (not necessarily a platformer or a pong variant).
  • Be well tested, with no obvious bugs or spelling errors.
  • Provide gameplay for at least 5 minutes.
  • Have graphics and sound that are appealing.

There are no formal criteria for publishing a game on but bear in mind that a bad game degrades a standing on and affects the general reputation of Scratch games.

Can Games Be Sold There? also makes it possible to ask for money for a game. The Scratch license also permits such commercial use. Remember, however, that many games on are free and only very elaborate games are sold. It is therefore recommended that first-time publishers do so without a pricing.

How Does One Publish a Scratch Game on

Possibility 1: Embed project from Scratch page

This requires an account on, which can be created free of charge. After logging in, navigate to the dashboard. Click on the button Create new project. new project.png game settings.png

Next, fill in the form with data about the game.

  1. Title of the game
  2. Cover image (optional)
  3. Classification: choose "Game"
  4. Kind of project: select "HTML"
  5. Pricing (pricing is disabled in the example)
  6. Embed options: Double scratch size is recommended: 960x720
  7. Details: here go the instructions and the credits
  8. Genre and tags should be selected accordingly
  9. Save the project

Needed next is an HTML file with the game link. To do this, create a new text file and enter the following code:

<iframe style="margin-top:-76px; margin-left:-17px;" allowtransparency="true" width="980" height="820" src="//[PROJECT ID HERE]/?autostart=true" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The text [PROJECT ID HERE] must be replaced by the project number in the project's URL on Scratch.

Then rename the .txt file to index.html and upload it via the game page (highlighted with a green border in the example). Then select "This file will be played in the browser".

Now test the game page and if necessary adjust the colors or insert a banner or background image. If it works properly, publish the game by setting the visibility (Visibility, highlighted on the right with a blue frame) to "Public".

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