This article explains how to post an image of a Scratch project or studio in the Scratch Forums without having to upload it to a website such as When you change the thumbnail of the project/studio, the image will be changed on the Scratch Forums.


Basic Instructions

Follow these steps:

  1. First click the fifth symbol at the top of your typing box (a tree) or type in: [img][/img]
  2. Then between these brackets type in:
      to get an image of a project or
      to get an image of a studio.

Changing Project/Studio

To change the project or studio, just change the part in brackets below:[123456789]_100x80.png[12345678]_100x80.png

Changing Size of Image

To change the size of the image, just change the part in brackets below:[100x80].png[100x80].png
Note Note: Size is length x width pixels and the biggest size can be 1440x1080 pixels and the smallest can be 1x1 pixels

Posting a Linked Image

Just write:

Note Note: See above for change of project/studio/image size


Visit this page to see the examples because [img][/img] tags don't work in the wiki.