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A clicker game is a type of game where the player clicks an object to earn currency. The player then can use the currency to buy upgrades and items that help the player get more clicks so the player gets more currency and can buy more expensive upgrades.

Creating Sprites

To make a clicker game, the following sprites are needed:

  • Item (The player clicks this sprite to get more items)
  • Upgrade (The player clicks this sprite to increase the amount of bonus items per second they get)

Creating Variables

To make a clicker game, create the following variables:

(Items) // Shows how many items you currently have.

This can be named anything one would like it to be.

(IPS) // Shows how many items per second you get.

One could change the 'I' to represent the item that is being clicked. For example, if one was clicking cookies, the variable could be named 'CPS'.

Getting your Items

The first thing one does when creating a clicker game is making a way to get items. To do that, put the following script in the Item sprite.

when this sprite clicked
change [Items v] by (1)

Then, make the player get some items every second. Do this by placing the following script in the same sprite.

when green flag clicked
wait (1) secs
change [Items v] by (IPS)

Making the Shop

Finally, make the shop where the player can buy an upgrade to increase the IPS (items per second) rate. Use this script in the Upgrade sprite.

when this sprite clicked
if <(Items) > [5]> then
change [IPS v] by (1)
change [Items v] by (-5) //It takes 5 items away so it is not possible to buy it infinitely