When new Scratchers join the Scratch website, they often have questions...

  • What is Scratch, and what can I do with it?
  • How do I get started Scratching?
  • How can I meet other Scratchers on the website?

The Welcoming Committee can help answer these questions by welcoming New Scratchers through projects in the Welcoming Committee studio.

How can I become a member of the Welcoming Committee?

Any Scratcher can join the Welcoming Committee! However, New Scratchers will need to gain Scratcher status before joining.

First, create a project to welcome new Scratchers. It should...

  • Be friendly, welcoming, and enthusiastic.
  • Describe something that you like about Scratch.
  • Invite New Scratchers to comment on the project to introduce themselves and ask questions.
  • Include a brief introduction to Scratch.
  • Link to the Scratch Wiki, the Scratch Discussion Forums and some other helpful places.
  • Look appealing and include a backdrop or a couple of sprites.

Then submit your project by clicking the "add project" button on the Welcoming Committee submissions studio and choosing your project. A Welcoming Committee Reviewing Team Member will view your project and give suggestions for changes until it's ready for the studio. Once your project is accepted, you become a member of the Scratch Welcoming Committee!

How will I help New Scratchers?

When someone new registers for Scratch, they will see a link to a random Welcoming Committee project on their My Stuff page. You can help by...

  • Replying to their comments on your project
  • Answering their questions
  • Encouraging them as they begin Scratching

To find out more about how to help, please read this guide:

What if I want to opt out?

If you wish to opt out of the Welcoming Committee, tell a Welcoming Committee coordinator or comment on the studio, and they'll remove your project from the studio. Alternatively you can also remove the project yourself.

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