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The Welcoming Committee answers questions new users may have about Scratch through welcoming projects in the Welcoming Committee studio. To join the committee, users must submit a welcoming project.

The Welcoming Committee curators are Scratchers who have been chosen to help review and add these projects to the studio. The curators are some members of the Scratch Team and 10 people chosen by the Scratch Team to curate, which are P110, chacharosie8888, ItchyCatIII, makethebrainhappy, Sandstorm5, jakel181, RonTheNerd, Ninja-Super-Girl, oriquack, and NilsTheBest. This article is a guide to help them decide which projects to add to the studio. When someone requests that their project be added to the studio, the curators should consider both the user and the project. Curators should also reply to the original request saying that it's been reviewed to avoid confusion.

The Process

The process for reviewing a project is this:

  • When a curator sees a project in the Submissions Studio, the curator will remove the project from the Project Submissions Studio, and add it to the Reviewing Studio.
  • The curator will then review the project with the creator until the project meets the requirements outlined below.
  • After it fits all the requirements, the project is removed from the Reviewing studio and added to the Main Welcoming Committee Studio.
  • When a member of the Project Reviewing Team finishes a project review successfully, the project will be added to the Completed Projects studio. A curator will then add the project to the Main Studio, and remove it from the Completed Projects studio.
  • If a Scratcher does not respond to the review within 2 weeks, the project is removed from the reviewing studio. The Scratcher can then add it to the Submissions Studio if they would still like to submit it, and the normal process will resume.

The User

Since the point of the Welcoming Committee is to welcome new users to the website and answer any questions they may have, it is important that any Welcoming Committee member is a Scratcher rather than a New Scratcher. If a New Scratcher asks to have a project added, you can ask them to wait until they've gained more experience with Scratch.

The Project

For many new users, a Welcoming Committee project might be one of the first things they will see on the Scratch website, so we want it to be really welcoming. Before you add a project, make sure that it:

  • Is friendly, welcoming, and enthusiastic.
  • Describes something that the creator likes about Scratch.
  • Invites New Scratchers to comment on the project to introduce themselves and ask questions.
  • Includes a brief introduction to Scratch.
  • Links to the Scratch Wiki and the Scratch Discussion Forums.
  • Looks appealing and includes a backdrop or a couple of sprites.


Here are some example Welcoming Committee projects that fulfill the requirements: Welcome to Scratch! :) by cheddargirl, Welcome to Scratch! by fungirl123, and Welcome to Scratch! by Lightnin.

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