If you are banned, you need to contact the Scratch Team yourself to become unbanned. You may either do so via the form at the bottom of the ban page, or you may use the Contact Us page. When contacting them, address the behavior that led to your ban and how you will avoid that behavior in the future.

Banned by mistake

Before assuming your ban was by mistake, read over the reason you were banned carefully. If after reading the reason carefully and considering your past actions you are confident the ban was a mistake, contact the Scratch Team using the appropriate method and explain why you think it was a mistake.

Ban evade

Do not create alternate accounts (or use any alternate accounts you already have) to get around bans. This will make you seem less trustworthy to the Scratch Team and they will likely extend the time of the original ban.

Involving others or publicly discussing bans

Discussing other users being banned is not allowed and any such content will be deleted. Do not encourage other users to make projects, forum posts, etc. asking you to be unbanned, as that will not help your case and may make the Scratch Team less likely to unban you for causing drama. Also do not post any questions related to the ban using an alternate account, as that would be considered ban evasion and potentially causing drama.

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