Selecting the Clean-Up option
After you have created your scripts in the editor, right-click the background and select "Clean up Blocks". Your scripts should move so that each is a set space apart, with a script in the top left corner of the script editor. Alternatively, you could simply drag them around the editor and organize them whatever way you want.

You may also find it helpful use the "Add Comment" feature to label scripts, found in the same menu as the "Clean Up Blocks" option. This will generate a text box that you may write whatever you choose, for example, maybe the category of code that the script falls in, e.g. movement, or cosmetic, or you could write what the script does in the project. The benefit to this is that along with having just a textbox by itself, you can right-click a specific block on your workspace and select the "Add Comment" option for a text box connected to your selected block. The only hat block not to be commented is the Undefined Hat Block.

Script Before Clean-Up
Script After Clean-Up
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