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Scroll to the bottom of the main page of the Scratch forums and click the link labelled "change your signature". Alternatively, users can go to https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/settings/USERNAME replacing "USERNAME" with their username.
The link to change a signature.
A signature is a small piece of text attached to your posts. In it, you can enter just about anything you like. Perhaps you would like to enter your favourite quote or your star sign. It's up to you! In your signature you can use BBCode if it is allowed in this particular forum. You can see the features that are allowed/enabled listed below whenever you edit your signature.

– Text on signature changing page

The page contains an editor which allows a signature to be changed. By entering text in the box and clicking submit, a signature can be created or changed. BBCode can be used, having the ability to format text. This includes large text, colored text, bold text, and more. The green tick in the top right corner allows the new signature to be previewed before actually being set.

Long signatures cannot show all at once. To view a cut-off part of a signature, select some part of it, then use the keys Control+⇧ Shift+ or just ⇧ Shift+ on a non-tablet computer. However, tablet devices have no equivalent to the key combination.

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