This article or section documents an outdated version of Scratch (version 1.4). For this article in Scratch 2.0, see Hidden Sprites (2.0).

A hidden sprite is a sprite that does not appear in the sprites pane, but can still be programmed with, and can be accessed by double-clicking it on the stage.

Creating a Hidden Sprite

There are a number of steps for getting a hidden sprite:

Step 1 (optional)

This step is not strictly necessary, but helps with step 3. Open up the Background and edit it, make it completely black. Close the paint editor for the background. It also helps if all sprites are hidden.

The button on the left hand side is the one to click.

Step 2

Open up the Paint Editor by clicking on the Paint New Sprite button located just above the Sprites Pane.

Step 3

To the right of the Paint Editor (you may have to move it to see it), in the middle of the Stage, there should be a white dot. It should be viewable if you followed Step 1. Right click on the dot, and select duplicate. Put the new sprite anywhere on the stage.

Alternatively, you can simply press the Paint New Sprite button again instead of duplicating the white dot.

Step 4

Click "cancel" on the Paint Editor. The duplicate sprite should still be there. Double click on it to access it.

Step 5 (optional)

This step is also unnecessary, however it can be useful. Make a script that will show the sprite if a certain button is pressed. This will mean the sprite is still accessible if hidden; it wouldn't otherwise. Here is an example script:

when [z v] key pressed


This method is used for a variety of things, however it is most used for creating passwords in Projects. This means that people can only access a project if they know the password, which is hidden on the sprite. It is an alternative for locking downloads on a project.

How to View Hidden Sprites

While hidden sprites are practically invisible, there are methods that can be used to show hidden sprites:

  • Delete all showing sprites in the project, then upload the project. Download it once done, and the sprite(s) will be visible.
  • Open a blank project. Go to File > Import Project... and find the project with the hidden sprite(s). Once imported, the sprite(s) will be visible in the sprite pane.

Also, any project viewed in the Experimental Viewer will have all hidden sprites visible.

  • Double click the hidden sprite and you should see its scripts, costumes, and sounds.

Camouflaged Sprites

This isn't actually a true hidden sprite, as the sprite is just camouflaged and appears in the sprite pane if clicked.

  • Create a new sprite with the new sprite button.
  • Click on the eyedropper tool.
  • Drag the mouse to the region under the stage.
  • Release the mouse
  • Draw a single dot.
  • Name the sprite a single space.
  • Hide it with the looks hide block.
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