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The Help Page was a page on the Scratch Website that provided help for new Scratchers on creating projects or finding their way around the Scratch Website. It was replaced on July 5th, 2017 with the Tips Page, which itself was replaced with the Ideas Page. The URL of the help page now redirects to the Ideas Page.

The Help Page on the Scratch Website, before it was removed


On the Help Page, there were multiple sections that include links. These links directed a user to resources that will assist them with their experiences on Scratch.

Get Started with Scratch

This section, enclosed in a pink box, included 3 resources to help new Scratchers begin programming. These resources were:

Scratch Guides

This section, enclosed in a teal box, included further programming guidance. These included the Getting Started Guide, which is a PDF file for getting started on Scratch, Scratch Cards, and a list of Video Tutorials.

What Is Scratch, Questions, and Resources

These three sections were enclosed in gray boxes on the right side of the page. The resources in these sections included the Scratch FAQ, About Scratch, and links to external resources such as the Scratch Wiki, ScratchEd and offline editing downloads.

Explore the Scratch Community

This section, enclosed in an orange box towards the bottom of the page, included links to the introductory forum and the Explore page.


On July 5th, 2017, the Help page was removed and was replaced with the Tips page, and then later the Ideas page. Trying to access the old Help page will redirect to the Ideas page.[1] Some sections, such as the videos page, can still be accessed using a direct link.[2]


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