A revision with the rollback option.

Rollback is a permission which allows a user to undo, or rollback, all of the recent edits of the most recent editor in one click. All Experienced Wikians and administrators have this permission. Take note that users cannot add a custom edit summary using rollback.

When to or Not to Rollback a Page

Normally, it is not necessary to rollback edits on a page because it could undo some wanted contributions. Meanwhile, in some situations, rolling back edits can be necessary, such as:

  • The page was spammed by a user
  • The page recently received a huge amount of harmful edits
  • Multiple edits by the same user need to be undone

It is not necessary to rollback edits, though, if any of the following happen:

  • There are helpful edits before the harmful edits, both of which are by the same user.
  • The content was poorly added or worded — Reword and revise the recent changes. See Help:Editing Pages.
  • The page should never have been created — Bring the issue up on the talk page, and if agreed upon, then it will be deleted. See Help:Deleting a page.
  • You do not agree with the content — Bring the issue up on the talk page, place the {{NotUseful}} template, and if needed, changes will be made.
  • You believe that a user's edits are factually inaccurate — Use the {{fact}} template exactly as you would use it with the {{citation needed}} template, and/or bring the issue up in its talk page.
  • You are undoing an accidental rollback. In that case, please leave a edit summary using the "undo" feature instead of rollback.
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