The "Report" button on Scratch Wiki is a private method to contact with EW+ for events that are too sensitive to be reported publicly or need to be urgently solved. Experienced Wikians, Administrators and Bureaucrats can handle reports.

Note Warning: Do not abuse the reporting feature. It should be used as a last resort, when all other methods have failed, or for extreme cases, if the problem is too sensitive to report publicly. Persistent abuse of this feature might lead to issuance of a block for the user.

How to Report a Changeset

A changeset may be reported from the history of a page, or a "Difference between revisions of ..." page by clicking the "report" button next to the changeset comment.

The "Report" button on "Difference between revisions for ..." page, marked with red
The "Report" button on "history" page, marked with red

Then a reason should be given for the report, and should be sent by clicking the "Submit report" button.

The Report extension page

Source Code

The source code for Report extension may be found at Gerrit or GitHub.

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