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The Scratch Community has issues which can range from simple complaints to mass controversies. Several practices, features, and events have shown controversy due to negative reactions from many Scratchers. The following is a list of the most notable.

Note Note: Some controversies on this list may have died down already and are not cared for anymore. They may stay because they were extremely significant in the history of Scratch.

Scratch Website


Main article: Remix#Controversy

Since the remix feature allows anybody to remix and do anything they want to do to the project, some Scratchers, especially users experienced in art projects, have protested this feature.[1] There have been many complaints of users "stealing art" and "recoloring".[2][3] There have been many suggestions suggesting a feature which allows the user to disable remixing.[4] However, this suggestion has been turned down many times mainly due to the motto and Creative Commons license. Any projects that threaten remixes should be reported.[5]

Add Everything/Everyone Studios

Main article: Add Everything Studios

Many users have protested against Add Everything/Everyone studios since they have no exact theme, are extremely popular,[6] and seem to be a "waste of space."[7] Many suggestions to remove AE studios were created, many protest projects were shared, and some sabotages were practiced.[citation needed] The Scratch Team has cooled down the opposition by removing and implementing a few features, such as allowing users to remove their own projects from studios.[8] However, some Scratchers are still unhappy about this. Despite the opposition, they can be very useful[citation needed] because they can be helpful for Scratchers looking for projects to remix and can help projects and users gain attention.

Five Nights at Freddy's

In late 2014, fandom circulating a then-new popular horror game, Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF), was widespread over Scratch and became a top trend.

However, this received more negative reputation than any other horror media in the past due to intense jumpscares and a gory backstory. People began to protest FNAF and even suggested banning it.[9][10][11][12] The Scratch Team received complaints from parents and teachers, and Scratch was even banned in some schools.[13]

It has been declared that FNAF will not be banned and will be still allowed since it's possible to create a FNAF project that still follows the Community Guidelines. However, FNAF projects are marked as Not For Everyone, meaning they won't show up in search results.

We're not going to ban all FNAF projects out of hand because we think it is possible to make a project about it without going against the Community Guidelines. We will, of course, continue to moderate the site and hope that if you find *any* projects that you think are inappropriate for Scratch, you will click on the report button and let the moderators know.

But step back a bit and evaluate what you are looking at before deciding. Is it really too scary? Or is it just scary because somebody told you that everything FNAF-related is super scary? Try to be objective.

– Paddle2See[14]

On November 16, 2015, speakvisually announced that FNAF led to mass issues such as some school districts banning Scratch and nightmares which means that restrictions will be laid out to these projects and projects with jumpscares and frightening content will be unshared.[15] However, this caused complaints from the fandom of FNAF,[16] which led to an exaggeration that FNAF was "banned" (more likely due to misunderstanding) and flaming in the announcement topic.


Main article: Fame

Users competing for fame tend to use Scratch as more of a social media account and focus on earning followers, instead of using Scratch to "imagine, program, share."[citation needed]


Main article: Follow4Follow

The "Follow4Follow" (commonly abbreviated as F4F) practice, in which a user asks for a follow in return for a follow, has been strongly disapproved by the community.[17][18] There is nothing in the Community Guidelines that says not to do follow4follow, but it is frowned upon by most users as it is seen as an easy way to get more followers, which isn't what Scratch is about.


Main article: Ban

Often, users complain about the Scratch Team unfairly blocking users.[19] This is especially the case with popular Scratchers.[citation needed] Whilst the Scratch Team does occasionally make mistakes, it should be noted that they don't enjoy blocking and that they prefer not to do it, if at all possible. They do not block Scratchers "just because it's fun",[unattributed quote] or block specific users because they don't like them, and always try to be fair.[citation needed]


Warriors, a fantasy book series by Erin Hunter, which is about a population of feral cats who live in four clans and fight each other, has been very popular on Scratch. This has been criticized for overuse, not focusing on Scratch's main point (which is programming), and the possible cause of the popularity of cats.[20][21][22][23][24][25][26]

Project Removals

Some Scratchers have complained that some project removals were unfair, as the projects taken down were considered age appropriate by their creators. Common examples include projects with intense cartoon violence that can be mistaken for real violence and projects complaining about the community.

Ban of On-site Advertising of Browser Extensions

On November 30, 2017, the Scratch Team announced that advertising third-party browser extensions (including userscripts) made for Scratch was disallowed due to the risk that some extensions can collect private data unknowingly.[27] The Scratch Team also mentioned that although users who had previously advertised such extensions would not be counted against, such advertisements would be silently removed, while moderator actions would be taken against further advertisements. On the Scratch Wiki, an article about one of them, isOnline, was deleted by the Scratch Team due to that.[28] The Scratch Team has also said that using extensions are fine, however advertising them on Scratch is not okay.[29] In less than a day, it stirred up many complaints from those who endorsed such extensions.

Scratch 3.0

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Before and after Scratch 3.0's release, many users complained in the Scratch 3.0 Beta Forum about features in Scratch 3.0, including the block size and the stage being on the right of the editor[citation needed]. Some Scratchers requested to the Scratch Team that they stop developing 3.0 and keep 2.0[citation needed]. A sticky was later made in that forum mentioning that the Scratch Team will not stop 3.0, and that if 2.0 was kept, it would no longer work from 2020 (the year Adobe Flash, which Scratch 2.0 ran on, would go obsolete).

After the release of 3.0, many users[citation needed], including some popular ones[30] left Scratch, due to reasons such as code being deleted in their projects.

Some people have complained about Scratch 3.0 looking too childish, and others wanted to use 2.0 online, and hated the 2.0 offline editor.[31]

Art Projects

There have been reports of people stealing other Scratchers' work and claiming it as their own.[citation needed] It resulted in complaints about how the ST wouldn't do anything about "art thieves". People have resorted to making projects about the controversy.[32] The ST wouldn't remove projects for that reason because it would break the Community Guidelines.[citation needed]

Scratch Forums

60 Second Rule

Main article: 60 Second Rule

Many Scratchers complain about the 60 second rule[33][34] in the Scratch Forums. They often argue that it is annoying, and they can be trusted to not have the 60 second rule. However, the 60 second rule is an extremely effective shield against spam, and if a certain amount of posts was required to remove the 60 second rule, spammers would be willing to go that far.[citation needed] The Scratch Team has confirmed that the 60 second rule is not getting removed and have made it part of the list of rejected suggestions.[35][36]

Removal of Discuss Link from Header

On July 5, 2017, the "Discuss" link was removed from the Scratch website header alongside the "Help" page, in favor of a new page called "Tips".[37] This, however, even within a few hours, sparked outcry among much of the Scratch community and active forum users, with lots of arguments being made against the reasoning the Scratch Team had come up with for removing the option, with many users using the hashtag "#Bring_It_Back,"[38][39][40] and even a few users changing their signatures in support of one side or the other.[41] Even though it was removed from the header, one can still find the link to the forums under the "Community" section in the footer and on the Tips Page. Furthermore, the Discuss header can still be found on the Scratch Wiki's header.

Scratch Editor

Cat Block removal

Several examples of cat blocks.

During April Fools in 2020, all Hat Blocks were temporarily changed to 'Cat Blocks', which featured a drawing of a cat on it.

Following their removal, several Scratchers complained about the removal on the forums[42]. Re-adding them was eventually rejected by the Scratch Team.[43][44]


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